Trials of Ascension

Progress Update!

Greetings both fans and testers alike!

It’s been a fun month or two as we’ve had bugs to squash, features to implement, art and models to create, and more! So let’s get up to speed here on what’s been happening behind the scenes with Trials of Ascension

Players will be pleased to know that, since the last test, various bugs related to the players themselves, mechanics, and the world in general, have been fixed. We’ve also been able to implement a couple of new features alongside the fixed bugs. Some of which, can be viewed further down the page.

Concerning the art side, we were able to get some art created for the purposes of the Bestiary. If you’re not sure what the Bestiary is, it will be a compendium of beasts/creatures that you will encounter while in the world of TerVarus. This will include things like:

The Mawktopus

The Fire Dragon

And more to be discovered! There are other things such as models and mechanics but we want you to experience it for yourself along with everything else that Trials of Ascension has to offer such as…

Weapon Imbuing:

Lava-Filled Caves

You will be able to see all of this in a new Alpha test! Keep an eye out for a test as one should be happening soon™.

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