Trials of Ascension will be a multiplayer online fantasy role playing game. You will take on the role of either a predatory Raknar, a resourceful human, or a great or terrible dragon and build your character to the top-or be consumed by the dangers of both wildlife, and civilized life, and cease to exist. The choice is yours, if you are ready to ascend and take control.

Play as a Dragon

Play as a Raknar

Play as a Human

Permanent Death

Unlike most games, Trials of Ascension has decided to reintroduce the concept of permanent death. The economy will always be changing, as well as who controls what land and who is most powerful. Be killed enough times and your character will cease to exist and you’ll have to start anew. The world will always be changing along with what characters exist in TerVarus as well.


Trials of Ascension will have magic, but it will be more risk/reward than others. Magic is as wild as it is finicky. Novice mages will have a hard time controlling it but when they master it, they will be able to do devastating things. At first, a fireball may fizzle, or even end up burning down a village. But if you’re able to master it, perhaps you can release 3 fireballs at once or call down a meteor shower. How magic is controlled and how powerful it is will depend on you and your skill.


To start, there will be 3 playable races. You can begin crafting and building your empire as a human, try becoming a great, evolved Raknar that traps and devours all in its path, or molt into a powerful dragon that can either burn down a village, or ally themselves with humans or raknar if they wish. Who you are, and what you do, is completely up to you.


No matter what race you are, you’ll eventually have to build your ‘home’ somewhere whether it be a nest, a web, or a house. You can build it away from civilization, or build it near other players of the same race and receive benefits as all of you slowly build an empire. Beware though, as the greater the dwelling of a race, the more danger that gets attracted…


There will be a lot of skills to learn. Some more plentiful than others depending on the race. But every skill will be useful in some way and will be able to contribute to the greater picture. Will you try to be the jack of all trades, master of none? Or will you try to master one or two skills and rely on others to provide other skills?

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