Trials of Ascension

New Year, New Progress

Greetings fans of Trials of Ascension!

We have sent out a newsletter detailing our progress for the last 2 months and if you didn’t get it, this article will go over it a bit to catch you up.

First up we have our animator who was able to show some sculpts and animations of our Ancient Dragon. They have also been working on the other stages and animations as well but the Ancient was a bit more polished than the others. You can see one of the animations here:

Next up, all three races of TerVarus got more development.

The Raknar in particular now have combat implemented and can create webs and eggs as well as summon spiderlings-something special to the raknar race! These spiderlings can be used to attack enemies at the Raknar’s whim and have a variety of uses.

The humans also got a fair share of more development. Alongside the crafting stations, they can now build houses and place their stations within their house. The magic mechanic has also been fully implemented. Perhaps try blasting enemies with a Shadow Bolt and see what they think of you after.

Dragons have gotten less development this round but fear not! You can still bite, claw, and fire breath your way to become ascended in Trials of Ascension! We shall also be testing other dragon mechanics specific to dragon stages soon enough.

The world has also gotten a bit of development such as towns and NPC’s and if you wish to explore it, you can do so by signing up for the stress test here:

We will be holding the stress test some time near the end of January so come one, come all, and lets see how much the server can handle!

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