Trials of Ascension

Kickstarter Update, Game Update, and more!

Greetings Trials of Ascension fans!

It’s time for another update on what’s been happening in and out of game!

Concerning out of game, our Kickstarter has just over 20 days left now and it’s currently at $5k of its $13k threshold. This goal is still definitely achievable so if you or someone you know is interested in the game and wants to help it come to life, then lead them to the Kickstarter to contribute! If we get up to 100 people contributing one of the smallest tiers, then the Kickstarter is headed in the right direction! But what do you get out of it? Well let me tell you.

  • A copy of Trials of Ascension – If you donate the squire tier ($33 CAD), then on release, you will get a copy of the game. All those videos of progress, update posts, and any other media you see? All of it can be yours to play with one simple pledge!
  • Access to testing – While it’s not in their tier rewards, we want to make it clear that if you pledge at least the squire tier, we will send you an Alpha Pass in order to help test the game.
  • A copy of Trials of Ascension: Exile – For those that don’t want to leave their sandbox behind (or want to try it out), we’re giving them a copy of the game (valued at $10USD) so they can have their hand at it.
  • Discord title of Squire – Be recognized for your contribution! We will provide you a discord title so that all may know that you helped Trials of Ascension come to life
  • Name in Credits and Thank you Email – To give our thanks for helping support Trials of Ascension

Do you want any of the above? Then pledge to us on Kickstarter and it’ll be yours if we reach our goal! And if you’re not convinced by what we’re doing, then take a look at the public roadmap to see what we’re aiming towards, and what we’ve already completed

Now let’s focus a bit in-game instead. We’ve made quite a bit of progress since our last update when it comes to things like skills, the map, towns, and more! In fact, we’ll have to put this in bullet form since there’s just so much.

  • The map of TerVarus has been updated – We’ve created the actual areas of TerVarus and those who have seen the map on the site will finally start recognizing it ingame as well.
  • Towns have finally been implemented (and more are coming) – Those who participated in testing before the Kickstarter will have seen that towns were already implemented, we have implemented some new ones and plan to implement more once we get the chance.
  • Magic Skills – If you’ve been looking at our social media at all, you will see that we’ve implemented more magic like healing, teleporting, and shielding along with the current attacks! And this is only a portion of all the skills we plan to implement
  • Bosses – More raid bosses have appeared on the map! Try your hand at the Demon Lord with half a million health, or maybe you want to go for the Desert Hydra and it’s 3 heads?

There’s simply too much to put without this entire post becoming patch notes. So all we can say is be on the lookout on our youtube channel and the discord for the latest updates!

Our modeler is also hard at work creating the pets and the dragon stages! Many have seen the ferret and the Ancient Dragon in all their glory and just yesterday some progress on the T Rex Pet was posted in the discord.

Like what you’re seeing? Then follow us on social media and contribute to our Kickstarter to help ToA come to life! The time for community action is now and you won’t get another chance like this to get all the rewards!

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