Trials of Ascension

Exile is back online!

As always I don’t want to over-promise, I’d rather over-deliver. Straight to the good news, everyone, Exile is back online! Also, for a limited time, Exile will be on sale for $8.99 before moving to a permanent price of $9.99 (Note: If you see anything above $20, keep waiting)!

After emails, Discord DMs and message ravens, I’ve had more feedback than expected about Exile and I hear you all loud and clear. Those who bought or wishlisted Exile want the game brought back online, post haste. I’ve made some time to do just that and am hosting a master server.

With that said, the news is bitter-sweet as the future development of Exile is still going to be touch and go while I focus on Trials of Ascension, though if continued support and requests continue I’ll place more focus on Exile. All purchases of Exile will be used to help fund Trials of Ascension until such time I can put more focus back on Exile, however again, if more interest is shown in Exile I will put greater emphasis and money into Exile.

For information on the progress of Trials of Ascension, join the Discord channel, follow on Twitter and Facebook, and keep an eye on the website as news will be posted there.

Thank you and see you soon in TerVarus!

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