Trials of Ascension

The Direction of Trials of Ascension

Hello Ascended players!

Welcome to the second news article of ToA where we detail exactly what we’ll be doing with ToA and the direction we plan on taking it as there’s been much speculation and some form of the question: “What direction is being taken with Trials of Ascension?”.

Our answer? Quite a few things actually.

The first thing will be the survival aspects.

In Trials of Ascension, you will play either a raknar, a dragon, or a human. All 3 of these races will need to eat, drink, and fight to stay alive. If you fail to respond to your own health, you will die just like any other survival game. Along with the basics, there will also be resources, building, and crafting. You will have to physically take things from the land around you, and mold it to whatever you wish. Whether that be a weapon, a nest, a house, a web, it’s all up to you to figure out what you want to do, as well as what you need to do in order to survive. But survival won’t be the only thing in ToA.

There will also be the MMO aspects.

When you’re not worried about hunger or health, you can interact with other players, enemies, or explore the wondrous world at your fingertips. You will be able to trade among other players as expected as well as gradually level up your skills or abilities. Levels aren’t a thing in Trials of Ascension but skills and abilities and how powerful each is, is definitely a thing. You will need to make sure you’re equipped to deal with your surroundings, otherwise you may find that while you’re able to cut down trees extremely well, fighting a basic spider will be more troublesome and may kill you.

Finally, there will be unique aspects of ToA.

You will find that ToA is going a slightly different route than other online games out there. While most games you can keep your character forever no matter how many times you die, in ToA this is not the case. After you die a certain number of times, your character itself will vanish as well and you’ll have to start fresh. Among perma-death is also the magic system that has a slight variation on it, as well as skills and settlements. The magic system won’t be “learn x and you can cast x”. Instead, you will somehow learn a spell and, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, but beware as without the proper experience, the effects of casting said spell may be…undesirable. Spells aren’t the only thing to learn though, there will be skills to learn. Some you will automatically know (like building a nest if you’re a dragon), others you will have to learn somehow (like crafting a sword). One similar thing about skills and spells though-practice makes perfect. Craft a sword a dozen times and you will be better at it (and may learn something new) than a person who’s only done it once. And finally, settlements will be something where, if you have enough homes in close enough proximity, then you and everyone else who has a home built there will benefit from it. The more the merrier.

Continue on this journey with us as we make these features come to life and, in future news articles, detail other various aspects of Trials of Ascension.

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