Trials of Ascension


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It is a curious thing around these parts but the locals believe there is something or some things living in the woods around them. They claim to hear howling in the night similar to wolves but deeper, as if from a very large animal.

More curious still is the reports of what they have seen. Many of them claim that it is some hybrid man-wolf. Taller than any man, but with the head and fur of a wolf. More often than not it is seen traveling in a pack and many of the farmers report loss of livestock.

I have been here several nights, and while I have heard the howling, I have yet to witness anything out of the ordinary aside from the strange affinity this town has for silver. Everything seems to have at least one part of it made from the stuff. When asked, they say it repels the monsters.

Based on my time here, I would say these people are either mad or genius tradesmen. The people come in droves to see and witness what the townspeople have named Werewolves. I find it all to be a hoax and must state that they are imaginary creatures no doubt conjured up to keep children from wandering too far away from their parent’s watchful eyes.

Rilom, Myth and Legend Hunter.

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