Trials of Ascension

The Translator

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Xander was always curious about other creatures. Growing up, he’d deliberately look for outsiders or species he didn’t know and move to them to ask them questions about what they were and where they came from. He did this so he could hear them speak. He’d listen to these beings for as long as he could keep a conversation going, and for as long as he could hold their attention.

Over the years, Xander learned a smidge of raknar, though he has only been able to learn six “characters” of their language, which according to Xander, were more clicks and snapping sounds than actual verbalizations.


“Xander, come here!” Terkal shouts towards Xander.

Sighing, Xander sits up from his formerly-comfortable bedroll, and looks in Terkal’s direction. “What?!” He says, irritated.

“Guess what I heard!” Terkal says, still excited.

“What’s that?”

“During one of the border skirmishes yesterday, one of our patrols captured a still living Raknar!” Terkal beams, looking at Xander expectantly. “I don’t think they put it down yet either. Captain Moskar asked me to ask you if you’d like to try again.”

“Really.” Xander sighs again. “I suppose I could try.” Xander was trying his best to feign interest in the offer, which was half true, seeing how the last time he tried to interpret what those monsters speak, he only gained one letter. It was more of a click than anything, but Xander deciphered what the Raknar meant by it before the guard destroyed it.

“It’s not like I get a lot of opportunities in combat to parley with them.” Xander laughs, followed by similar chuckles from Terkal.

“Come on. Let’s go before some greenhorn kills it out of fear.” Terkal says.

Xander gets up off his bunk and joins Terkal.


“I still can’t get over how ugly they are.” Terkal states, staring at the Raknar. “It looks like it isn’t going to last much longer.”

The Raknar, pierced and broken by countless weapon strikes, has lost five of its legs and its rear abdomen stabbed and deflated. Xander moves quickly over to the Raknar. He proceeds to attempt communication with the Raknar by emitting a series of vocal clicks and pops.

The Raknar, badly wounded and dying, clicks a few times back towards Xander. The guards with weapons drawn, look nervously and strangely at Xander. This “conversation” continues for several minutes, at which time, the Raknar expires.

“Well, that’s it.” Xander states, somewhat disappointed it died.

“What did it say?” Terkal asks.

“I have no idea. Probably something like ‘die meatbag’ or something similar.” Xander quips.

“What? I thought you said you could talk to Raknar.” Terkal utters.

“When did I say that?” Xander retorts.

“You’re always saying that.” Terkal replies.

“No. I say I can try and communicate with them, not that I actually can. In the three years I’ve studied Raknar-speak, I’ve only deciphered six of its clicks and pop sounds.”

“Great, so did you get anything from this one before it died?”Terkal asks.

“Yeah I did. The last thing it said to me was ‘you’re doomed.’” Xander chuckles.

Terkal rolls his eyes at Xander. “Really? I thought you were serious about this.”

“I am. That’s what it translated as.”

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