Trials of Ascension

The Life of a Banker

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“I just don’t see why you wont.”

Antasa took in a slow breath through her nose and gave a false smile. “Allow me to demonstrate.” She walked away from the counter and returned, a strong box in hand.

“What are you doing with my box?”

“Demonstrating. Now, you see how small this box is? Yes, good. I cannot and will not take your cow, slaughter it, and grind it into small enough pieces to fit it into this tiny square. Besides, I think that would defeat the purpose of putting it inside a secure facility, don’t you?” She smiled and tucked the box away again. “Go pay someone to look after it while you are away.”


“Next!” Antasa glared at the man until he shuffled away and internally shuddered when she identified her next client.

“Deposit.” Drias smiled pleasantly, sliding over the key to her strongbox.

“Uh-huh. What is it you are depositing then?”

“A new formula for—”

“Is it volatile? You know we do not accept anything that may explode. The last time was a disaster and nearly killed three of us. Nothing foul smelling either. I am putting my foot down.”

“I am an asset to this city! I have created numerous cures for ailments and—”

“I will take your lack of a forthright answer as a yes, it is likely to explode.” Antasa slid the key back to Drias. “Next!”

“Now see here, I will file a complaint to the Lord if you do not store this for me! Your disrespect is—”

“Feel free to do so.” Antasa looked slightly above Drias’ head, a stern frown on her face. “If you insist on this course of action I will stop being nice. Next!”

“I’d like to withdraw ten copper nuggets.”

Antasa stared at the man for a moment before taking the key and opening the box. Seeing the amount was present, she removed the nuggets and slid them, as well as the key back over to him. “Bless you for being normal. Have a good day. Next!”

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