Trials of Ascension

Lord Couralis

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Lord Couralis came into power of the Caern kingdom as the successor to the previous king, Lord Keitis. Couralis seemed to rule with a fair hand, his citizens had little to complain about and his neighbors even less. Taxes were fair and trade was booming for the kingdom, all seemed quite well. It was because of the prosperity that Couralis had brought to Caern that is it hard to find a reason for his brutal murder.

In 5917, Lord Couralis’ head was found in his bed, removed from the body and the words “The Watch” branded onto the forehead. Caern and the neighboring kingdoms of the Steppes mourned for their leader and friend. During the investigation of his death, some documents of an invasion plan for the surrounding areas, sealed with Couralis crest, were brought to light. The majority of the people believed them to be forged and enemy propaganda.

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