Trials of Ascension

Camys Du Ceas

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Camys Du Ceas was a healer in the town of Baretos, believed to have been situated in what is now considered Kithacore. Raised by her widowed mother, Camys learned at an early age the ways of medicine to assist her mother in her day to day tasks. It was also from her mother that Camys learned about and became a devout believer in Aurios, the One God. Though most of humanity had given up on the god, believing him to be nothing more than a myth, Camys was not shaken.

While most who still believed worshiped quietly and in the shadows, Camys was quite vocal about her faith much to her mother’s chagrin. Making ends meet was quite difficult for the two of them because of this but when her mother passed, Camys took up her mother’s business and continued to work as a healer in the town. While most villagers tended to ignore her and visit the other healers in town, anything unusual was always brought to her attention.

Despite the fact that there was not much love between the residents of Baretos and Camys, she stayed there and cared for them for all her life. She was truly able to shine with the help of Dorian Dunarth when the Great Plague consumed the land. The pair of them were fast, if unlikely, friends and were devout in their attempts to find a cure.

They were finally able to do just that, though Camys lost her life in gaining the flower that held the cure. Dorian named it Camys Heart in her memory and administered the cure to the people of TerVarus. What is left of Camys’ studies are kept in the Monolith in a book that is now known as the Plague Diary.

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