While this roadmap is our guide to the full release of Trials of Ascension: Exile and we will adhere to it as much as possible, there are lots of factors that could require us to change course meaning features and systems could come and go from this list. It is in no way a promise to deliver on any specific item listed and the only thing you should consider "in" is what we have already implemented.

The current layout you're seeing is just to get us going. We'll be adding more detail and will make it more appealing and concise in the near future.


  • Implement Female Human
  • Implement Adolescent Dragon
  • Implement Adult Dragon
  • Implement Ancient Dragon
  • Life counters to be set per race
  • Change spawn locations based on race
  • Implement hive functionality for raknar
  • Improve web weaving
  • More customization options
  • Allow humans to throw objects


  • Add siege weaponry and damage
  • Add maces
  • Add polearms

Core Tech

  • Localization
  • Port to Mac and Linux
  • AI improvement - water based AI
  • AI improvement - air based AI
  • AI improvement - pursuit limiters


  • Add fuel system to crafting system
  • Add refining system to crafting
  • Allow 3d models in crafting window to be rotated by players


  • Add two new maps to forest biome
  • Bring one additional biome online with three maps

Flora & Fauna

  • Add flora and fauna to caves
  • Create flora for new biome
  • Create fauna for new biome


  • Improved flight
  • Ragdoll upon death for all player races and fauna
  • Add conditionals (various poisons, broken legs, dysentery, etc)
  • Add fishing
  • Add animal trapping
  • Crop planting
  • Improve liquids system
  • Implement community system for humans

Items & Stations

  • Polish stations and their animations
  • Add multiple sets of furniture
  • Add siege weapons


  • Implement magic system


  • Allow fauna danger level in server settings
  • Allow interracial chat option in server settings

Skills & Abilities

  • Add mace skill
  • Add polearm skill
  • Add trapping skill
  • Add farming skill
  • Add fishing skill
  • Add alchemy skill
  • Add animal husbandry skill
  • Add tracking skill
  • Make tail swipe an ability for dragons
  • Make claw attack an ability for dragons


  • Add a drafting style for castle like structures
  • Update drafting to allow structure edits
  • Expand current structure ownership options
  • Allow structure pieces to react to siege type damage
  • Allow damage structure pieces to be repaired
  • Expand dragon nests