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14/12/2019 10:42 am  

Heya! Does the old “tag a troll” policy is still in place, or am I allowed to throw you a couple of questions about the changes going around here before getting instantly banned?

Before anything, cheers for avoiding until now the previous team mistakes, “Day of Dragons” also failed to be honest with their community while rushing to make a profit from a bare-bones product and look how’s that working out for them…  now, I really must ask, why Trials of Ascension tough? Let me be blunt with you, I don’t believe for a second that you guys “bought” the IP, even you guys taking it for free sounds like an awful mistake, let alone paying for it, there is a +10 year long trail of rotten bread crumbs that any developer would love to avoid, so, just why?


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16/12/2019 5:33 pm  

Hey Myobi,

I already talked with you in Discord but I'll post it again for all future players since ToA will come under much speculation given it's history (and if anything doesn't line up, I'll clarify for you 🙂 )

We took the Trials of Ascension IP for a couple of reasons:

1) There was so much content that came with it. Trials of Ascension is an IP that has been around for decades at this point. There's a ton of design, concept art, and more that can be fully utilized and actually shown to the public. At the time of Exile and FC being together, we were working on a pet project called Dragons of Ramrys (never went anywhere but good learning experience). We then realized that Exile was dead and that FC was selling the rights to it. Now normally, most people would think that "Just start your own IP-it's better!" What people failed to realize is that along with the 2 decades worth of nothingness also came 2 decades worth of content and that's why I went with ToA. Half of my job is already done for me. The concept art is already created, the lore is already there and there's books of it (all here on the site). Everything is already done we just have to use it properly.

2) I wanted a dragon game. There's also been 2 decades where I've been dying for a dragon game to come out. I found Istaria about a decade ago and did try the trial and tried to become a dragon. Didn't work out in my favour so the search continued. I later came across things like Dragon's Prophet and Trials of Ascension: Exile. Also both died (Exile got revived though) or are very close to death. Finally, when Exile failed, I gave up and thought "could I create my own dragon game? I know C#, I know Unity, is there a dragon on the asset store? There is!" And then I started on my pet project called Dragons of Ramrys. Now I could've stuck with DoR but ToA just had so much content behind it. Would it be better to create my own lore and concept art? Or to build on someone else's foundation? I chose the latter.

3) The fan following. ToA has existed for 2 decades and has got a pretty significant following good or bad. For some, it may seem like an uphill battle but ToA has people that know about it, that have played Exile, and that want it to come to life. Sure, some believe it's a scam, but when ToA does come to life, me and a lot of other people will be playing it while they continue to say it's a scam. I guess we just have to prove all the nay-sayers wrong.


Overall, we did think it was the best idea to go for Trials of Ascension. Not only for the out-of-game content but also all the ingame content too. The weapons/housing/trees, all of it has all been created for us. Some of it we're straight out replacing but most of it will be used.

We hope to be as transparent as possible. When we don't know something, we'll tell you. And we'll only say a hard date when there's a 100% chance it's going to happen (e.g. the Exile announcement of it returning). 

However, concerning censoring-we won't censor you, but please remain in the forum rules otherwise the thread will be locked. No doubt there will be others speculating just as you are and if it's civil, we'll gladly respond to it and answer what we can. If it's not, we won't be replying to it and will lock the thread.

With all that said, stay tuned for what's to come with Trials of Ascension!

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19/12/2019 6:54 pm  

Yup, was nice talking to you, hope you manage to flip this project around and  make something out of it.

Best of luck.