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I don't remember what is called if someone does fix my title please, but in the original MMO design, one of the features that most attracted me was the skill system. Particularly the idea that players would have the opportunity to learn certain skills that no one else knows. They would then be able to share it as they see fit. This would add to other features to give the player more power over what happens in the world and hopefully give a reason for cooperation and trading to get those unique and special items/services.

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Yeah, i remember. I think they were called innovations and they were reserved for humans.  There was a standard set of items and things you could build, or craft, from novice level to master level. But then there were also things that an individual could gain called innovation. Innovations were items/buildings, etc that were gained randomly among practitioners of the appropriate craft. They would be limited to single or  a few practitioners to gain through skill practice. Afterwards those individuals would choose whether they would share that invention and teach others how to make it, or keep it to themselves, or let someone inherit it. Some innovations would/could die with the user, others would be put back in the pool of innovations that are possible to gain, by the devs.

An example of an innovation could be a curved sword, or a katana, or a recipe for a bomb like item. These items would be different or slightly better then other items of the same sort.


Also important to mention is that it was planned for innovations to be bale to get stolen. If you hit someone unconscious, you could interrogate him, gaining different information, including innovations. So an innovation could spread even if the individual gaining it was unwilling to share it.

There might have been more details to it, but i can't remember anymore. I think this is an important factor for trade and diversity in the world of ToA.

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