Diverstiy among Rak...

Diverstiy among Raknar  


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22/11/2019 2:35 am  

Hi all. I want to share an opinion and suggestion relating the raknar.

My opinion is that diversity is key for immersion and replayability. If a game is to be fun, it needs to give players options, different ways to evolve and play, grow and experience ToA. Humans have their skills, they cant master all of them so by needing to choose what they master, they create diversity among themselves, giving their character uniqueness in their existence and among their fellow players. This gives them plenty of opportunities to start anew and experience a different approach with different skills.

In raknars iteration of forged chaos, there was no diversity. All raknar were homogeneous, the same. They all had the same development, going from point A to point B every time you started anew. I suggested a different approach, which wasn't implemented. At release, there were comments that the raknar feel stale. It was a lack of diversity in design. 

I now see a similar if not the same approach to the raknar and i don't think it is healthy for their gameplay. I'd recommend giving raknar the options to develop differently. Give them ways to differentiate one from another as players, making ones better at some things, and others better at other things. Some spiders might be faster and jump higher, other spiders might be slower, but have a stronger chitin. I think a minimal of 3 different pathways would be needed, but optimally at least 6 for starters.

The suggestion I had posted to forged chaos, i will copy/paste below. It gives raknar the ability to choose their own perks while growing ( limited at a maximum). I haven't changed anything from then. If this is a concept that would be implemented in the game i could update it, improve on it if needed.

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22/11/2019 2:42 am  

These would be the different upgrades/ evolving options a raknar would get by feeding himself and growing, combat and other things. Limits could be placed in different places. One would be that every ragnar can get one of these in every category (categories: Fangs, Venomglands, leg muscles, exoscelet, ..., pedipulps). Another limit could be to how many he can get. Anyways, that is a question of logic in design and direction of design the devs want to take on this. Anyone can improve or add on this if an idea strikes.

- Shredding fang
-Piercing fang (both are pure physical enhancement for fangs to fight)
- Injection poison
- Spitting poison (both poisonous way of evolving the fangs)

Venom Gland
-Paralyzing (The target is killed more slowly, but after "dying" the body gives better hatch-lings)
-Lethal (kills fastest of the 3 poisons)
-Enraging (the target poisoned lives for an longer amount of time of any other poison, but starts lunging random attacks on any moving target in its vicinity. This effect increases the more time passes and the closer the victim is to death).

Leg Muscles
-Slow twitch fiber muscles (uses less stamina and can sprint for longer and faster)
-Fast twitch fiber muscles (gives the ability to jump)

-Enforced Chitin (strengthens the exoskelet, but makes the spider heavier)
-Camouflage endo-glands (over time makes the spider change color to its environment)
-(Edited) Hair spikes (fires stiff hair from the abdomen around the Raknar, has a long cooldown)

Leg hair extensions
- Trichobotria- (Increases the sense based on picking up tremblings)
- Scopulair hair ( Gives the ability to climb walls and slippy surfaces)
- Aerobic hair ( gives the ability to walk o water and even breath under water for periods of time)

- Genetic extension- Spiders mature faster
- Capacity extension -More spider eggs per corpse

Silk gland
- Adhesive secretion- makes web more gluey
- Thickening agent- makes web more strong
-transparent substance- makes web transparent (hardly or not visible)
-elasticity structuration- Makes web more elastic, gives possibility to make bigger webbing)
-poisonous infusion - Covers web with a weaker poison

- Spitting motion- Gives ability to spit your web a distance
-Retracting motion- Gives ability to pull web back in
-Spray form- gives possibility to spray the web over an area

- Social extract- gives possibility to send basic signals to other spiders and hatclings
- Chemical absorbent- Increases its senses based on chemicals.

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22/11/2019 2:53 am  

Ps. For some reason i cannot edit it anymore. Tired, but the edits didn't go thought.  Edits are : venom glands - paralyzing- slower movespeed and attack strenght of target affected. Lethal- most dmg to target. Enraging- target makes sudden attacks in random directions every few seconds. More improvements on the current idea if the devs think it is a plausible suggestion.

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08/12/2019 10:00 pm  


I like the idea of making the Raknar more unique..

It would make them more appealing to play over a longer period of time.

This game addition would enable players to hone their skills to their play style and become the Raknar they want to be and not some cookie cutter character.