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Update: Kickstarter Progress and Public Test!  


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28/02/2020 2:21 pm  

Greetings future Ascended!


I am pleased to report that we've made it to 35% of our goal! We still have just over a month left so if you're on the fence about backing, know that other people are looking to back too so don't be shy! Pledge so that others can see that Trials of Ascension can come to life!


Along with the progress, we're also pleased to announce that we'll be holding our first public playtest over the weekend! No forms or anything else are required, simply download the client and login with your website account in order to try out the game! However after this test, it will be a requirement that you obtain an alpha pass in order to test the game further. Check our Kickstarter updates for more info:


The link will be posted below before/as the test is starting and be ready to report any bugs you may find here:  


A couple of known bugs or other things to note:

1) Sometimes the AI will teleport instead of moving-this seems to be rectified simply being in-game though for a short period of time. Or it can usually be solved by logging in or out.

2) Raknar movement is occasionally buggy sometimes. We are still working on this.

3) There are no loading screens and between character select and in-game, you will probably freeze for 30s-1m. We are looking into this as well.

4) If you get stuck somehow, we have implemented an un-stuck option that will take you to the respawn point. Simply press Escape->Unstuck to be returned

5) The new dragon is implemented however not fully by any means. It's missing animations and other stuff. Simply switch to another race then back to the dragon to revert to the working placeholder.


Link: The server should be up around February 29, 9am EST.


Enjoy Trials of Ascension!

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