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Trials of Ascension Status Update  


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29/03/2020 10:26 pm  

Hey everyone!


This month has been an exciting month for Trials of Ascension! We've explored (and seen changes of) the world of TerVarus, seen and squashed many bugs; some simple, some complex, and we've implemented many new features since February such as a Bestiary, quests, and more! If you've been following us at all you've seen the game grow from lagging when someone casts firebreath, to building your own house, killing a Raptor (or two or three), and just flying around the world. We've taken some great strides and we won't stop there.


With less than three days on the Kickstarter, there is something we would like to reassure the community of; No matter if the Kickstarter succeeds or fails, we will be continuing to develop Trials of Ascension. Some of you have already seen the game in a playable alpha state and we've received some great feedback from our testers and backers regarding things like new features, QoL features, or bugs that need to be squashed. Most, if not all, of that feedback has either been implemented, or fixed and we thank the community for taking the time and contribution.


We also realize that some of you still want to contribute to Trials of Ascension in some form or another. If you or someone you know has talent and passion with either art, programming languages, or Unity3D in general, then we urge you to direct them to our Hiring page so we can connect. We're always on the lookout for extra help so if you have it, we'd love to get to know you. Alongside extra manpower, in the coming days, we'll be opening up a way for those to donate directly to help us bring the game to life. Whether you are just discovering this game months after our Kickstarter, or the timing was just wrong, we'll let you contribute to help develop the game.


We are grateful to everyone for the support and expect that many of you will be burning, slashing, or piercing your way into Trials of Ascension in the future! Stay tuned for future tests and news!