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Trials of Ascension: Exile Patch Notes .14  


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02/02/2020 4:56 pm  

Hello Trials of Ascension fans!

As you know, .12 has been on live for a few months now and .14 has been on the beta branch. I am pleased to announce that .14 is finally heading to the live branch and with it, some patch notes! 

Bug fixes:

  • All types of filled Clay Mugs now give an empty clay mug back instead of giving nothing back
  • Dragon Flight Skill will progress as expected
  • Station Building is fixed
  • Fauna spawning bug fixed

As well as some bug fixes, some of the community has been asking for it and I am finally able to give it: An official server for Exile is going up! If you wanted to play Exile with your friends but couldn't because of port forwarding or other issues, no need to worry anymore, simply connect to Official Exile Server and create your character.

Please note the game as a whole is still in beta and I am working on Trials of Ascension in most of my time. Because of that, you may still find a couple bugs here and there. If you do, feel free to report them in the Exile portion of these forums and I'll get to fixing them when I can.

Enjoy Exile Version .14!


EDIT 1: It appears we have had some difficulty with getting an official server up for Exile. We are looking further into it but there may not yet be an official server going up. If we are able to get an official one going we'll update this further. 

EDIT 2: It seems we were able to push past our difficulties for the time being and we were able to get an official server up. Enjoy! This post will no longer be updated and any further issues will be posted in either the discord or the Exile section.


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