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Business Model Change!  


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02/03/2020 9:05 am  

Hey all!


I’ve gotten a bunch of feedback regarding Trials of Ascension’s current business model and I’ve heard you loud and clear; the mass majority of you do not like that Trials of Ascension is a subscription model! Well you know the old saying, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. So because of this we have an important announcement to make!


We’re officially changing our business model!


We will not require a subscription based model anymore. Instead, what we will do is make the game a Buy-once-play-forever model (BOPF) with a price of $30 USD and then you will be able to purchase cosmetics through either the website store or ingame. We may introduce a shop for cosmetic items such as skins or pets, but we will not be introducing any pay to win changes.


We hope that with this change, we are able to meet more of the demand of the market as we were alienating those who couldn’t afford it. This change is also final. We will not be reducing the price, changing back to a subscription model, or making it free to play. 


What Does this mean for me as a KS Backer?
Most Kickstarter backers weren’t concerned with the actual time that came with pledging to the Kickstarter, they just wanted to see the game come to life. We hope with this business model change that it becomes a reality sooner.


What Happens to the Rewards on Kickstarter?
We cannot replace any of the rewards as people have already backed and Kickstarter, from what we can see, does not allow altering rewards after launching the campaign. This is understandable, to keep ne'er-do-wells from cheating backers, but we feel this is the best route to announce this now and publicly then after the campaign has ended. We will make an update there explaining that any subscription time will be irrelevant and instead, you will just get a copy of the game.


What if I wanted it to be a subscription model?
If you prefer the sub over B1PF then we’re sorry for the inconvenience. This way though we expect a lot more people will have the opportunity to play Trials of Ascension instead of being locked out by financial matters.


We hope that more of you will be enticed by what will soon be Trials of Ascension now!

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