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A Message to All Veterans  


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Greetings long-time followers of Trials of Ascension.


I’ve been getting quite a few messages from some of the veterans with questions and expressing concerns; regarding your missing items, whether the game will come to life, and whether veterans will come back. So I’d like to answer them all here.


First of all, regarding the missing items, we've heard your concerns. You guys were loyal to the previous companies developing Trials of Ascension and donated your money to get said items or just plain out bought them directly. To rip the band-aid off, as it were, we want to be forward with saying we are not the previous companies.


As many of you know, but I'll reiterate, Dragonfire Entertainment purchased only the Intellectual Property rights (IP) to Trials of Ascension from Forged Chaos. This means we did not inherit any monetary or contractual commitments. We would love to continue to offer what you previously donated for, but we simply do not have the time, manpower, or resources available to do so. Sorry to be blunt, but we want to be transparent about what we're able to accomplish and what we're liable for.


The next major concern is simply the risk that comes with donating to a Kickstarter and whether or not Trials of Ascension will come to life, and those concerns are well founded. Many of you have pledged to TWO Kickstarters already. It comes as no surprise that you are hesitant with yet another Kickstarter and you all must feel a mix of confusion, anger, weariness, and possibly more. We’re going to do our best to try and alleviate those feelings as we leave the past behind and look to the future.


Since obtaining the IP, we have been hard at work creating Trials of Ascension from the ground up using Unity Assets as placeholders, Exile Assets that came as part of the purchase agreement, and our own knowledge to create a game with at least three playable races. The updates we’ve been showing to prove our progress allow me to express confidence that we are making a game worthy of being called Trials of Ascension. We're working hard to bring towns, magic, dragons, raknar, the environment and more, but there’s a lot to implement but also a great deal that has already been accomplished, the proof being the pre-alpha trailer that was made entirely IN the game.


Other questions and concerns are: 


"Can you deliver what you promise?"
That's for you to decide but we've been working as hard as possible to make this a resounding "Yes!"


"What is your actual progress?"
We’ve been able to implement towns, magic, skills, weapons and armor, resources, and more. To say everything we’ve implemented would take a while but suffice to say, this is sizing up to be a good playable RPG where you can choose any of our 3 starting races, and grow as each one while dealing with survival and other players.


"Is the Kickstarter going well?" 
A 40 day Kickstarter with not even a week in and we’re already past 20% of our goal. From my research that is a very good start! But we’re still relying on the community for support and the sooner you back, the better!


“Why should I contribute to your Kickstarter?"
To bring a game to life that you and so many others have been asking for years to play, and to be recognized for it with various titles and ingame items.


"Will this be a game I want to play?"
Do you want to play a fantasy RPG with multiple people where you can choose to play as a dragon, a Raknar or a human all fighting for survival in their own ways against certain permanent death? That's Trials of Ascension.


We’ve shown progress, we’ve shown ability, we’ve shown updates and so much more to prove to not only you, but ourselves as well, that we can create Trials of Ascension. And so far, it’s been proving quite successful.


So what’s the next step for you as a veteran? Decide if you wish to help Trials of Ascension come to life. There will always be inherent risk involved with it and we realize that. We have tried to minimize the risks for you as loyal veterans and future players as much as possible by showing that we do care and that we want to create something worthwhile. So if you feel we're doing right by the IP, the ideas of ToA, then this could be the campaign that will deliver what we at Dragonfire Entertainment promise. Hence the old saying "Under promise, over deliver".


The last concern was if other veterans may return to Trials of Ascension to see it and possibly contribute to it to help it come to life as it was promised years ago.


I can't answer that with certainty, so for now I'll say no as I can't make that promise myself. However, that might change depending on the help of the community. It depends on you.


In the over decade old Trials of Ascension forum there were 3,000+ members who wanted to see Trials of Ascension come to life; whether it be the various races (of which over ten were planned), the mechanics, or simply through the friends they had made. Most of the original followers moved on to pursue other interests, games, or real life. Because of this, they cut off contact with Trials of Ascension and by the time we at Dragonfire Entertainment bought the IP and started work we realized just how many people had moved on. Many of the email addresses we have are dead ends, with exception to those of you reading this, and so many of the veterans we seek to regain contact with don't know of our progress. If you’re friends with any of the other veterans who are not on Discord, then please contact them and give them an invite!


Trials of Ascension looks like it’s coming back with ferocity, so now’s a great time to catch up with the veterans and also to discover new Ascended as well. Trials of Ascension is a niche game, but that doesn't mean it won't appeal to new people nowadays, in fact quite the opposite! If you’re a veteran, or if you would like to play Trials of Ascension, then now’s the time to reach out in Discord, these very forums, or other Social Media. 


Trials of Ascension is coming back and you, the community, are a part of it. Let’s make it a memorable reunion.

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