Trials of Ascension

We're having a raffle!

We're having a raffle and earning entries (aka raffle tickets) couldn't be easier! Simply do any of the tasks listed in the widget below and, once the raffle closes, we will randomly draw from all entries and shower the three lucky winners with some sweet prizes!

The more you participate, the better your chances of winning!

1st Place

Placing first means you'll gain access to oh nothing special, just... OUR DEMO!   We're not done with it yet, but you will be one of the few that are welcomed with open arms (that might be concealing a dagger or two) once we are. You can track the status of our demo on our roadmap.

You will also be invited to voice chat with the development team using Skype for an hour or so to ask questions, give your input, play tic-tac-toe, whatevs!

And to really pile it on, you'll also be able to pick ANY one item from our store, price be damned!

2nd Place

Take second and you too will get invited to voice chat with the development team for an hour or so via Skype. Anything goes (almost)! This chat will not be at the same time as the 1st place winner, meaning it's just you and us, mono y multimono(tm!)

Additionally, you'll get to pick any one item from the store that is $100 or less!

3rd Place

Come in third and you're guaranteed an item of your choice from the store that is $50 or less.

Good luck!