Patch Notes

0.11b- August 23rd, 2018

Here is the patch that lays the groundwork for expanding the dragon's game play, plus lots of other fixes and updates!

  • New Added branches to all trees as resources.
  • New Added primitive torch.
  • New Added primitive candle.
  • New Added club weapon.
  • New Added rawhide strap.
  • New Added lime to all boulders as a chance drop.
  • Updated Adjusted grass heights.
  • Updated Dragon breath sac now refills over time. No nuggets required.
  • Updated Added dragon abilities for claw and tail attack.
  • Updated Hatchlings no longer able to crouch.
  • Updated Dragon can now resurrect at nest after completing the first stage of a nest.
  • Updated Increased juvenile dragon’s run speed.
  • Updated Adjusted the camera for the juvenile dragon.
  • Updated Lowered stamina recovery during flight for young dragons.
  • Updated Dragon nest now shows all material required for each stage.
  • Updated Dragon nest material can be "added as you go" in small quantities to construct nest.
  • Updated Harvest logs from fallen trees by attacking it instead of interacting with it.
  • Updated Mineral nodes spawn stone blocks in the world instead of your inventory.
  • Updated Increased the distance you can hear fauna and their footsteps.
  • Updated Wet clay bricks reduced in size to match size of finished bricks.
  • Updated Bloomery and spinning wheel are now easier to place.
  • Updated Decreased corpse flies audio level.
  • Updated Increased maximum stack amount on multiple items.
  • Updated Replaced human's starting regular torch with primitive version.
  • Updated Lowered material requirement for making lime from 7 to 2 sea shells.
  • Updated Updated drying rack to use branches instead of sticks.
  • Updated Updated stretching rack to use branches instead of sticks.
  • Updated Lowered amount of satiety of Rustyroot for humans.
  • Updated Ingot now gives 24 nails instead of 12.
  • Updated Metal bar now requires 3 ingots instead of 5.
  • Updated Increased raknar's weakness to fire.
  • Updated Changed all player race perception stat.
  • Updated Adjusted resolution of clay texture.
  • Fixed Modified character controller to hopefully resolve issues of players getting stuck.
  • Fixed Fauna getting stuck.
  • Fixed Raknar webbing only viewable from one side.
  • Fixed Fauna stopping to look at you while fleeing.
  • Fixed Kiln construction material requirements.
  • Fixed Typo in smithing skill description.
  • Fixed Not being able to use a nest built by many.
  • Fixed Storing resources on resource stand.
  • Fixed Null Reference Error (NRE) that is sometimes caused by approaching a palisade wall.
  • Fixed Shovel not using the right materials.
  • Fixed Red rud, marigold tea, and apple juice should now return a clay mug when drank.
  • Fixed Glassblowing tube not attaching to character.
  • Fixed Glass vial not returning empty version of itself.

0.10b2 - August 4th, 2018

A game crashing bug involving crafting was found so we pushed this hotfix.

  • Fixed Fixed item improvement bug that would lock a server.

0.10b - August 2nd, 2018

Our first patch since launch and it's a big one! Please note: a server wipe will be required if you switch to this version.

  • New Added death penalty with selectable severity per race as a server option.
  • New Server hosts will notice lots of logging of spawning fauna in their console window that will allow us to track down issues with fauna not respawning.
  • New Raknar can now pass through webbing by pressing and holding the ‘q’ key. You will need to reset your controls in Settings -> Controls.
  • New Arrows now make a sound when impacting water.
  • New Added nocking and releasing sounds to primitive and regular bow.
  • New Unarmed human attacks on boulders can now result in harvesting a rock.
  • New Added particle effects when striking certain items.
  • New Added additional volume controls in settings.
  • New Icon added for Raknar Silk.
  • New Added audio when drinking from ocean, ponds and various drinks.
  • New Added roughly one dozen pockets of clay to the terrain.
  • Updated Adjusted amount of moon light.
  • Updated Adjusted Woodman's Axe position in hand.
  • Updated Switched database engines for better stability.
  • Updated Adjusted multiple aspects of lighting and camera settings to remove ghosting issues. This brings significant changes to visual fidelity.
  • Updated Can now use a primitive saw to make a resource stand.
  • Updated Raknar webbing can no longer be placed on water.
  • Updated Adjusted top of Norhaven entrance stairway.
  • Updated Prevented other players from moving a player's grass mat.
  • Updated Grass Mat renamed to Sleeping Mat.
  • Updated Rain drops now show on the water.
  • Updated Animals can now go through a palisade gate when it is open.
  • Updated Default interact options are now separate for terrain and buried nuggets.
  • Updated Adjusted number of resources each boulder size gives before being destroyed.
  • Updated Allow player the option to harvest either grass or dirt when targeting either terrain type.
  • Updated Adjusted fauna spawn rates and distances.
  • Updated Movement now cancels eating/drinking animations and other actions.
  • Updated Set consumption effects for all food sources for all player races.
  • Updated Renamed 'Unfired' clay items to 'Wet' and posted how to dry them in their descriptions.
  • Updated Grass, sand and dirt now appear as a burlap sack instead of an earthen mound.
  • Updated Adjusted motion blur on camera.
  • Updated Lowered amount of clay required for clay brick.
  • Updated Lowered amount of fronds needed for rope.
  • Fixed Drafting window display to account for different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed Ability to place furniture in some wings of some house layouts.
  • Fixed Construction order of young dragon nest.
  • Fixed Height of resource stand when placed inside house.
  • Fixed Issue where partially finished palisade gate would show an error message.
  • Fixed Issue where items could not be placed on bookcases.
  • Fixed Issue where grass mat didn't clear grassy area when claimed.
  • Fixed Issue where harvesting a log from a tree sometimes shows an error message.
  • Fixed Issue where sometimes player could not drag a single object from an item pile into inventory.
  • Fixed Issue where sometimes player would experience being in water when not.
  • Fixed Issue where dragon would sometimes fail when crafting nest.
  • Fixed Issue where human would sometimes use no materials when crafting.
  • Fixed Issue where human would sometimes continue crafting animation after finishing crafting.
  • Fixed Issue where resources would not be respawned in the quantities intended.
  • Fixed Most server startup rendering related warnings and error messages.
  • Fixed The “too many threads” error message has been fixed (untested).
  • Fixed Resolved the “MoveToStack quantity of 0” error and items disappearing when right clicked (untested).
  • Removed Small boulders from the terrain and caves.

0.9b6 - July 25th, 2018

We found a game killer for the dragons so we're pushing another build. Specifically:

  • Updated Removed the "move" option from dragon nests, which shouldn't be an option and caused an error if used.
  • Fixed Fixed young dragon nest construction which otherwise wasn't possible.

0.9b5 - July 24th, 2018

We noticed the flora respawn rate wasn't keeping up with an island that has been online for awhile, resulting in an island that would eventually be nearly devoid of all flora. We also noticed the new fauna wasn't spawning at all. Those should be fixed with this small patch. Here's the full list:

  • Updated Adjusted the flora respawn rate.
  • Updated Stopped the grubs from rolling after spawned.
  • Updated Modified arrowhead max stack count.
  • Updated Shears set to proper orientation in hand while being used, stopping an error from being reported.
  • Fixed Fixed new fauna spawn rate.

0.9b4 - July 20th, 2018

More bugs squished and some very small modifications squeezed in.

Also, I should've clarified, this IS the build we're launching with (0.9b) but we'll likely increment on it with these bug fixes and super minor tweaks. Alright, so the what's what of this update...

  • Updated While not really a bug, we fixed an issue that was throwing an error.
  • Updated Removed some placeholder sounds.
  • Updated Replaced a few placeholder sounds with their final versions.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug that was related to furniture.

0.9b3 - July 19th, 2018

Alright folks, unless critical bugs are discovered that we need to hot fix, this is the build we're going into Early Access with! Still loads of work to do and so many more ideas to implement but that will all come in time. In the meantime, read the info below, update your Steam build and enjoy!!!

  • New A new fauna is now prowling the island.
  • Updated Clay now spawns on the terrain like rocks. It can still be found in boulders as well.
  • Updated Boulders now have a much higher chance of giving a rock along with a stone.
  • Updated Lowered amount of damage done to trees by unarmed attack types.
  • Updated Removed the shine from the deer.
  • Updated Changed default video quality setting from Fastest to Good.
  • Updated Adjusted rock spawn rate.
  • Updated Adjusted nugget spawning.
  • Updated Furniture can now be placed, built and moved around houses.
  • Updated Stations can be moved via their interact menu.
  • Fixed Various audio sounds that didn't match the action they were tied to.
  • Fixed Caves should now be the same level of darkness for all video settings.
  • Fixed Two locations that would allow a player to fall through the world near cave entrances.