Trials of Ascension

Update: Spawning, Inventory & More

April 2, 2014 - 1:53 PM

Hi! The name is Crazy. Crazy Busy. Nice to meet you.

If you're reading this, you should know how critical dynamic spawning will be to making TerVarus the living breathing world we've all imagined. I'm happy to report that the system is well underway and even its first iterations were blowing us away.

It was recently decided that we would make the dynamic spawning system even more dynamic by allowing our GMs to give spawn markers locomotion. This way they could create a spawn marker to move over time to imply animal migration, the slow gradual creeping of flora into a new area, or whatever else they will be able to imagine. Trust me, this is a HUGE deal! The best part is that spawn marker locomotion has already been implemented! Just last night I was playing around watch one move around while spawning palm trees in its wake. Some VERY exciting and cool stuff!!

Hopefully we'll have a video demonstrating this very powerful and essential GM tool soon.


Our world map is well underway and in the very capable hands of our resident concept artist, Levi (aka Blitz55). Expect this awesome piece of artwork to make its way on to the store in the form of a cloth map!

We recently announced a new section in the guide called Geography where we have described a few of the regions you will see in TerVarus. Varl has been busy writing more region descriptions that you'll see added to the guide in the coming weeks.

We've been using a placeholder model to represent our human avatar. That will change in the near future as we are contracting with a very gifted artist to have both a male and female human created. They are being created to very specific requirements that will allow us a lot of freedom in the ways of animations and swapping equip-able items such as armor and clothes.

Work has just started on our inventory system, a system that I am very excited to explain the details of. Why? Because there are bits to it that I don't think we've ever seen in an MMO before that can add a tremendous amount to ToA's game play! More on this as progress continues.

Our roadmap states "Demonstrate placement and construction stages" for structures. Placement is just about in the bag. Using a place holder object, we can move it around and rotate it, all while it validates if the terrain will allow placement or if there are any objects in the way.

We are having a structure built in accordance to our design that we will of course be showing off when we can!

Speaking of the design, structure construction (say that three times fast!) has been modified slightly, in a very good way! Instead of seeing build markers where you need to build, each section that must be built will show the stage of construction it is at. In other words, you will no longer see a house that is 1/3, 2/3 and fully built. Instead you will see each wall section in its own stages of construction.

Furthermore, after a lengthy conversation and analysis with our new engineer, we have come up with a way where you will be able to attach additional parts onto your house, allowing for a lot of customized looks. No longer will a village be made up of five houses that all look identical to one another!

And if that's not enough, (but wait, there's more!!) we are confident that the system we have developed can be extended to allow you to place structures against a vertical slope, where it makes sense of course. This means you can have a house on a hill, or castle walls that look as though they are half buried in a cliff face!

Until next time, this is Crazy, signing off!

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