Trials of Ascension

Release The Dragons!

June 9, 2014 - 4:52 PM

Having blasted through the $50,000 goal and being so close to making playable dragons upon release of ToA a reality, we thought it was time to make things interesting.

Announcing the Release The Dragons campaign!

We have updated the store with new stretch goals that might not be what you're used to. They aren't filled with give-away items. Instead, we are unlocking content (more specifically, art) about the dragons as we near the ultimate $60,000 goal. This doesn't mean you won't earn special items during our race to $60k! Quite the contrary! Anyone that donates between now and the time we reach the $60k goal will get some very nice items and customization options that can't be gained anywhere else! Click the big Release The Dragons image in the store for details!

Also, we have posted the details of the dragons (sans any artwork) in the guide!

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