Settlements: Getting Started

October 23rd, 2012

Settlements: Getting Started

In the first settlement article we explained how you go about getting your little piece of TerVarus. Now we’ll explain some of the finer points you can expect when it comes to getting your settlement off the ground.

You’ve claimed your land and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself because, hey, you get to be called lord now. As you strain to pat yourself on the back, it hits you. You have no walls. Some hooligans could waltz right in and that is surely unacceptable for a lord of your stature. Then you remember you now have guards that will protect their lord! You do have guards don’t you? You look around around and see not a one. Oh yeah, you need a barracks first. A setback but nothing you can’t handle. You’ll build a barracks and ... oh wait. You’re a fighter, not a builder. Hmmm, what to do? You decide to hire some local craft ... yeah, it’s just you out here. This might be a little more involved than you thought.

In ToA you will build your settlement from the ground up, literally. You’ll be able to designate where you would like settlement structures go. Settlement structures are walls, gatehouses, barracks, treasury and more. You’ll also be able to designate where you would like your citizens to live by placing private plots of land, each of which can be sold to your citizenry. The rule of thumb of placing private and settlement structures is simple: a settlement structure can be placed anywhere there is NOT a private plot of land and a private structure must be placed on a private plot of land. All structures will be subject to terrain allowance, meaning the slope can only be so steep, no placing in water, etc.

Ok, so now you’ve got your settlement all figured out. Your gatehouse will go there, some citizens will go here, you’ll reserve a few private plots for inside your inner reinforced walls—obviously charging those well-to-do folk much more for such protection—and your keep will go back against that mountain over there for maximum defense. Only one problem. Who’s going to pay for and build all this? You need citizens.

By the way, citizens are other player characters. They are not autonomous NPCs that will gladly accept your every order and smile at any tongue lashings you may decide to administrate. No sir. You will have to show potential citizens that you are fit to rule. You’ll need to convince them that you can protect them, feed them and only tax them for the betterment of everyone. The simplest way of gaining citizens is to allow your settlement to be a starting settlement for any new characters. Beyond that, you will probably need to offer them something in return for taking a risk on your little start-up. A free plot of land maybe? How about a position within your administration?

After much work and negotiating you manage to gather a handful of citizens. They blankly stare at you wondering if you will ever decide what they should build first. Should it be a barracks so you can recruit NPC guards to defend your new citizenry and lands. What about a treasury? Without that you can’t collect taxes to fund your future structures. You decide they both can wait and opt with some basic wooden walls and a simple gatehouse. That should at least keep the beasties out. Shouldn’t it?

Stay tuned because just when you start getting comfortable in your settlement we bring in the catapults and describe settlement warfare!

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