New Roadmap

July 17th, 2016

New Roadmap

The new roadmap is now live on the website and it has double the number of cards compared to the old one. You’ll see some things you know we’ve been planning as well as some things you may never heard of!

Please consider the following when reading the roadmap:

1) This is our overarching roadmap to Early Access. In other words, when we’ve put a check-mark next to every listed item, we’re ready to go for Steam’s Early Access.

2) There is no listing of priority. You will see us jumping around and completing a few things on this card, then one thing on that card, etc. This is normal. We have team members working on lots of different things as any given time.

3) When a card is complete, you will see the ‘Complete’ sign on top of it and we also gave it a small outer glow.

4) This is a living document, meaning we will be making changes to it from time to time. If you see a card disappear or the list of items within get changed, it simply means we made an update somewhere—either in design or engineering usually—and adjusted the card accordingly.

5) There is no weight given to any tasks in a card. Some tasks are easy to complete while others will take us several sprints. Please consider this when you’re looking at the percent completed bar at the bottom of each card.

6) Each card is part of an ‘epic’. That just means it has been assigned to a name that encompasses more than just a card. We’ve aligned most epics with our design features. For example, the ‘Combat’ epic has several cards. I’ve tasked myself with creating a function where you can filter cards based on epics and completion status. Unfortunately it’s a low priority task so I can’t give an ETA on its deployment at this time.

We hope you enjoy the new insight into our development of Exile. If you have any thoughts on the matter, hop on over to the forums and let us know!