Long time no see!

September 12th, 2012

Long time no see!

Has it really been over four years since we turned off the lights?! Amazing how time flies. Wait, does time really fly? Who came up with that phrase anyway? Why would they . . . you know what, it’s not important.

We’re back and with a whole plethora of newness for you to feast upon. From our new company, Forged Chaos LLC, to the refined design of the game (don’t worry, if you thought it kicked ass before, you’ll be more than impressed!), to the new website and logo. We’re even taking a new tact on development. We’re putting the fate of ToA into your hands by asking you to back us on a KickStarter project we’re soon to launch. If you and all your friends (because you’re going to tell ALL your friends, right? Right?!) fund our project, we will make ToA for you without having to compromise with publishers/investors and you’ll get a back-stage pass to the whole ditty. Not to mention all the swag and uber-cool (tm) perks you’ll pick up for helping us out.

So, take the tour, tell your friends, join the forums, tell your friends and tell us what you think! And tell your friends to tell us what they think too!!