Following us can be a blessing!

September 21st, 2012

Following us can be a blessing!

We’re kicking off our push to gain awareness to our project and we’re all about bribing anyone that will help! No, we have no shame. None. Ziltch. Nada.

Be following us on Twitter or Facebook at the end of this month and you’ll receive a scroll of item blessing when the game goes live. This bad boy will let you make one non-magical weapon, piece of armor, crafting tool or item of clothing incapable of being looted or stolen from you.

Are you just following us for the chance at beta (or maybe you just like us that much??) and don’t care about the scroll? Well tough, we’re going to give you one anyway! What you do with it though is your business. Give it to a friend, sell it to the highest bidder, laugh manically when everyone around you cries as you send it up in flames, the options are endless!

You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a beta pass. No foolin’! Win yourself a pass right into beta!

The lucky beta pass winner will be announced during the first week in October.

Thanks, and here’s to bribing you to be our friend!!