Dev Blog #82

Dev Blog #82

Unbeknownst to everyone on the team except Brax, one of our artists has been working on a new creature to add to ToA: Exile! He surprised the rest of the team with it right before the stress test this past Saturday. He has named the creature a Bullder, because it is the size of a bull and covered in these thick, boney plates to protect itself from most damage. It is a very aggressive creature, but it lacks eyes, ears, and there isn’t much of a nose to speak of on its face. Since it isn’t a very effective hunter, it relies on scavenging to feed itself. Its diet consists mostly of carrion, refuse, and anything foolish enough to attack it.

It was exciting to see it roam around the island, though some of the testers could not resist poking the beast. Though it pursued its attackers, the bullders eventually fell to the testers due to their inability to fight back. With another sprint we should have the kinks worked out for these intimidating beasts and they will take their official place in the ecology of the Lost Isles, both as a source of meat and as a challenge to defeat.

Tutorials have been finished and implemented in the game. They serve the purpose of instructing the player on the basic controls and how to perform important survival tasks. We don’t want to give all the game secrets away through them, but we do want players to have the knowledge they need to make it through their first night on the island, and to improve their situation there.

The team has also been busy with a little “spring” cleaning on our website and social media. We realized that some of our design information was outdated. We’ve either had to set a design on the back burner to implement later, or we’ve come up with a better way to do it than what we originally had in mind. But either way, the new faces finding their way here and our trusty long-time fans all deserve accurate information. Speaking of social media, Forged Chaos is now on Instagram! If you use this picture and video sharing network, feel free to give us a follow at We’re sharing screenshots from the game, and plan to eventually show off video clips there as well.

More bugs have been fixed, including several involving the lighting. Lighting can get very complex, especially when our assets need to make adjustments to it, like during the night with moonlight, cloudy weather, or with the night-vision for dragons and raknar. But the end result is beautiful and immersive, so it is always worth the headache to readjust when needed.

Our art team continues to make new content for the game. Right now they are working on models for our human clothing so that it doesn’t need to use the place-holder burlap bag when it is laying on the ground. Our illustrator has also been working on a series of new load screens too, which are very nice field-journal type tips and drawings.

As always, thank you for following our development and sharing this journey with us. A special shout-out to our testers; we couldn’t do this without you. Share your thoughts on our progress over at