Dev Blog #81

Dev Blog #81

The Stress Test we held on June 16th went better than we could have hoped, with many of our testers showing up for the event. After bringing the server to maximum capacity, we were able to identify the performance drop off, and record other important data. We were even able to identify the source of a periodic server lag thanks to everyone’s efforts! Because of this, our engineers were able to improve server performance again, which is fantastic! So thank you to all of our testers, your participation is always appreciated by the team.

After the bulk of the testing was completed, the team answered several questions from the testers which I wrote down to share with you all here.

Q: Is the hatchling model finalized?
A: Yes. We are very happy with how the hatchling model came out and it won’t be changing.

Q: Will raknar start underground?
A: Yes but probably not for Early Access launch. The design is to have seperate starting locations for the three races. We want Raknar to start in the caves, dragons to start in the mountains, and humans to start on the beaches.

Q: How long is the day/night cycle?
A: By default the day/night cycle is one real world hour. However this can be customized by the server host, as well as the actual ratio of day to night.

Q: Will there be official servers?
A: Forged Chaos will be hosting several official servers for players to play on.

Q: What happened to the Ice Dragons?
A: The Ice Dragons were part of our MMO design and are not planned for Early Access launch. We hope to bring them back in the future, as we liked them too!

Q: Will there be player clans?
A: There aren’t any plans at this time to provide in-game mechanics or tools for player organizations.

Q: Will there be voice in game?
A: We do not have plans to implement voice chat in the game at this time, though we are open to the possibility for the future.

Q: What about the price for the game?
A: We haven’t yet determined what the price will be for the game at Early Access. However, it will be lower than what it will be priced at once development is completed.

Q: How are you balancing the three races?
A: The three races will not be balanced against one another; instead they are balanced against themselves with their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the dragons can grow into the most powerful creatures in the game, but to get there they have to survive the younger age phases. And by design very few players will be able to do that. Raknar and Dragons can see in the dark, while humans can eat vegetation and use Bows. Raknar can’t swim and are susceptible to fire, humans need equipment, and so on.

Q: Is there an ETA on early access or another test?
A: There will be several more scheduled tests in the future. As far as Early Access, we have a date in mind, but we still have a lot to do and we aren’t ready to share it yet.

Q: Do you have plans for character persistence?
A: No, we don’t have any plans to leave player characters in the game after the player logs out.

Q: Plans for cheaters?
A: Cheating, hacking, and exploits will get players banned from the official servers, and we have the reporting feature already added to the game to help hosts police their own servers. As for the rest, we will do our best to fix any exploits as quickly as possible.

Q: Will there be more races in the future?
A: Yes, we hope to implement additional races after Early Access launch.

Q: What other biomes do you have planned?
A: Adding additional biomes comes with more work than just changing the terrain. It includes adding new flora and fauna to the game, adding new resources for the new flora and fauna, and crafting recipes to utilize them. That being said, we would like to add as many biomes as the scale of our success will allow at some point in the future

Q: Do you plan on server settings that will adjust dragon molting or adding limits to the number allowed of one race?
A: We don’t have any plans to add to the server settings before Early Access, but we will explore additional server options based on player feedback.

Q: Do you plan to add support for modding the game?
A: Modding is a great way for players to really own their gaming experience. We hope to be able to work with modders in the future to provide them with the tools they need to do their craft.

Q: Are you planning to add items to speed up the molting process?
A: We know the molting timer wasn’t very popular with the testers and we have already implemented a new way of molting that uses the nuggets they find on the island.

Q: Will there be gender visuals for dragons?
A: There is a lot of work to adding a second gender to a race. Adding a separate model for the Fire Dragon isn’t planned at this time.

Q: Will there be wyverns or elementals?
A: We would love to add a variety of new creatures the game in the future, so it is possible.

Q: Will there be a reticle indicator that something is interactable?
A: Since everything is interactable, there really isn’t a need for one.

Q: What can you tell us about dragon flying?
A: We’re really happy with dragon flight. To fly a dragon has to get a running start and then take off with a launch. They then angle up and flap their wings to gain altitude, and they can flare their wings to slow down. They can also bank to turn and glide. It’s a really intuitive system that uses the same keys in the air that you would use on the ground.

Q: Will there be variable wind speeds when dragons fly?
A: Adding challenges to flying is something we want to explore in the future, so it is definitely a possibility after we launch for Early Access.

Q: Can dragons hover? What about diving?
A: Dragon’s cannot hover when flying, but they can dive. We would like to add the ability for them to grab other creatures off the ground, however we haven’t hammered out the details yet.

Thank you to all of our fans and followers to keeping up with our development! You can share your thoughts with us over at