Dev Blog #80

Dev Blog #80

Oh my goodness, we have caves! Sure, we had the beginnings of caves before, back before we updated to the latest version of Unity. Then we temporarily lost caves as we waited for one of our assets to update that would allow us a better, more precise way to cut into the terrain. Now that is has, the team has been able to tackle this feature the way we have always wanted to, with some stunning results.

The art team worked diligently on the models for the caves in previous sprints, so all the components were ready for assembly. Brax was able to use the updated asset to scalpel cut sections of the terrain away and then attach the caves to the terrain holes he created. Then sealed around the seams using additional models of rock formations. The result is a seamless and natural entrance to the island’s dark underbelly. The video below shows an explorer in a cave that has water penetration. The water could pose a difficulty for smaller raknar, but since they can cling to the walls of the cave, they are able to avoid it easily. The video quality isn’t the best in this as it was recorded to share within the team during our meeting. But it does show so much more than a single screenshot would, so I had to snag it and share it with you all.

In other exciting news, the team is hosting our first open call to stress test our network software and to test the performance of the game! We are happy with our progress to date and we are ready to really start pushing the limit of the networking and other game systems. We’re also interested in receiving feedback from fresh eyes.

To participate in this Stress Test event, we are asking fans to fill out a survey telling us about themselves and their computer, along with an NDA. We are also requiring a forum account, since that is how we will be sharing information with the stress testers and sharing the client. This event will be all about supporting as many simultaneous connections as possible on one server. Testers will be free to explore the game and play as they see fit. Stress testers may be invited to join our team of testers and assist in bug reporting as we continue development, if that interests them of course.

In case you missed the announcement, you can fill out the survey HERE.

It includes a link to the NDA that needs to be signed as well. Filling out the form and signing the NDA do not guarantee participation in the Stress Test. Participation will be a first-come-first-serve situation, though we will do our best to accommodate as many as possible and will be ready to bring a second server online if necessary. During the event we will holding a Q and A with the team. I will do my best to get a transcription of it to share with everyone who cannot make the event.

As always, thank you for following our development. A special thank you to all of our current testers as well; we wouldn’t have so much accomplished without your assistance tracking down those bugs! Please share your thoughts with us in our forums at: