Dev Blog #79

Dev Blog #79

Sometimes the days of a sprint seem to drag on, while other times they seem to fly by. This last sprint was definitely one of the later! When I sat down to write, I couldn’t believe how many bugs had been fixed in the last two weeks. I counted them all and it was over 80! The entire team has fixed 83 bugs across art and engineering, twenty-one of the which were reported by our testers.Thank you, testers!

In addition to fixing all those bugs, the team worked to correct several “catch 22”s that were present in the human crafting system . For example, to make a trowel you need a forge, but to make a forge you also need a trowel. The anvil for the forge faced a similar issue, as did the smithing hammer and other metal tools. We solved most of them by introducing the bloomery, which is a primitive station that is used to smelt and cast metals at the expense of heavy durability loss to the station. It is crafted using stone and clay, which can be harvested from the environment and do not require any refinement. We also created the primitive saw to fix a similar issue with woodworking items, since the production of boards requires a saw, and the crafting of a saw requires a board. Similar in construction to the primitive axe, the primitive saw is made from stone, sticks, and rope.

A new resource, seashells, were designed into the game. Seashells function as a source of calcium for the production of mortar for stone and brick construction. They spawn along the beach and can be gathered by hand. We will add additional uses to them as new features are added in the future.

Up until now, creating a shelter didn’t provide any actual protection from the elements outside, as rain, fog, and light could all penetrate the walls and roofs of the buildings. Thanks to the clever efforts of our engineers, characters should be able to enjoy the relative dryness and warmth that we all expect from having a roof over their heads and 4 walls all around. There are still a number of kinks to work out but it’s off to a great start.

During dragon and raknar testing we received feedback from the testers that it could be very difficult to find enough food to avoid starvation, especially for the dragon hatchling. Since neither race is able to eat vegetation like the humans can, we introduced the grub as a possible food source. Grubs spawn across the landscape and do not run from their predators. While they do not provide much nutrition, they will fend off starvation for a character and give them more time to find a tasty tormilin or better.

The art team has also continued to improve the game. The skill icons that had been using placeholders until now have their own shiney new icons to show off. New animations have been imported into unity along with several ones that have been tweaked and improved. The texture for the Norhaven structures was also revisited this past sprint. As one of our first textures for structures in the game, it was in need of an update and now fits better into our overall style.

We have several irons in the fire for our next sprint, so be sure to check back in another week! As always, thank you for following our progress and please share your feedback with us at