Dev Blog #78

Dev Blog #78

We’ve been keeping a grueling testing schedule for the last few weeks, but our hard work and the tester’s dedication are paying off in spades. They are helping us sniff out even the most minor bugs and typos and providing valuable feedback on features. During the first test of the sprint, we enabled PvP for the first time and let the testers wail on each other.

We received fantastic feedback from the testers on how we could enhance the combat play to make it more engaging and improve the intuitiveness of the controls. Thanks to their help we realized may ways to develop combat further, such as how unnecessary the evade maneuver was since players were able to avoid attacks by using the standard movement keys. We also improved turn speed and are exploring ways to increase the hit range of weapons so that characters don’t have to be on top of one another, but still feel natural.

As always, development of new content continues even as we test and fix the current builds. The art team created more animations for the dragon models, and also designed models for additional objects in the game, such as the Dew Cap mushroom and the Draw Knife for crafting. The crouching animations for all the character models have been implemented, providing a reduction in stealth detection for nearby mobs and allowing characters to attempt to hide their models in the landscape.

The team has also been working on improving the server admin banning and reporting commands for server hosts. We’ve been discussing what sort of commands server hosts will want and/or need to manage their servers effectively. Since the game is a host-your-own, there is the potential for a great deal creativity on their part to make their own server unique. At the same time, we want to make sure that the game is a great experience on its own without too much modification.

Do you plan to host your own public server? What kind of commands would you want access to as a host? Share with us in our forums at