Dev Blog #76

Dev Blog #76

Now that we have several group tests under our belts with our backer-testers, we have accumulated an impressive backlog of bugs. Our last test alone netted us 29 bug reports from the testers, which is significantly more than the team would have found on our own! Some of these bug reports are simple fixes, such as typos in text or adjusting a data value. Others are much bigger problems that need time to diagnose and correct. Either way, they are all issues that we need to address. After the testers report the bugs, it is the job of the team to confirm the bugs by replicating them, then sort out their priority so that they can get fixed. Needless to say, bug work has made up a large bulk of this sprint’s efforts!

That is not to say that we haven’t continued to make progress. We’ve added the first of the moderating commands for server hosts and their players. Server hosts will have access to the /ban command. It is a straightforward command that will ban a player from your server if you don’t want them there. In addition we have added the /report command, which players can use to report others to the server host.

Fauna combat AI is also functioning in the game, so that now they can attack if they are meant to attack, and fight back when attacked. The combat AI also now has a threat evaluation so that they will switch the target of their attacks based on specific logic.

The art team has been on top of their games this sprint. Optimizing several textures was a top priority to improve graphics performance. More animations were made for the Juvenile and Young dragon models. Humans received new animations for combat to fix visual problems that have previously come up. Several animations, models, and icons were also imported into the engine.

The focus of our last few tests have been the human crafting system . Overall we are very happy with where we are on it. Humans can gather all the resources they need from the island itself, and craft primitive tools to help them survive and progress. With the primitive tools they can create stations and more advanced materials to build better tools. Then they can produce armor, weapons, and construct buildings. We’re currently reviewing the whole thing to check for any hitches that would cause a catch-22 (you need the tool to build the station, but you need the station to make the tool) and we’re looking forward for when the testers will need to test the entire process for us from rock and stick to metal swords and leather armor.

A special thanks to all of our testers. Your help and feedback is invaluable to us. And a thanks to all of our followers and fans for keeping up on our progress. Please share your thoughts with us over at