Dev Blog #74

Dev Blog #74

These last two weeks have been good to us here at Forged Chaos. We launched our Discord server and we have already had over 100 of you all join us there. It has been a joy to chat with you and Brax has even dropped a few screen captures there to share. We hope that more of you will stop in for a little chat with us or with fellow fans in the future.

Our first pre-alpha test with our backers was also a success. While small and limited in scope, it was a solid first run on the network code and we couldn’t be happier with what the numbers are telling us. Afterwards we were able to get feedback on the initial thoughts of our testers, which will help us strengthen the weaknesses in the game. Tester feedback is very important, and we look forward to receiving more of it as we add more testers and test additional features of the game.

There has been many questions about testing in general and how to become a tester specifically which I would love to address that right now for you all. All current testers have signed NDAs and we do not want them to share anything at this time, even the fact that they are testing for us! If you are a tester and need help, please message me directly through the forums or on our Discord. We still have several more waves of past backers we want to invite to test, but we are slowly ramping up our pool of testers. If you backed us during our fundraising campaign, even if it was just $5.00, you will get invited, so don’t worry. If we still find ourselves short on testers after we have invited all of our previous backers, there will be an announcement on how fans can become testers. Likely there will be an application and review process, along with the NDA requirement. Until that time, we ask for your patience as you wait and invite you to continue to follow our progress.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to what else the team has accomplished this week!

Humans can now change their skin and eye colors and have them reflected in the game. Animations for eating and drinking are implemented as well. Icons and models for dragon scales, glass vials, several other miscellaneous items, and the workbench were finished.

The workbench was a station that design went back and forth on for a while. We had items that needed to be crafted, but they really didn’t make sense to craft them at the stations we had. For example, the forge is a great place to make metal armor but where do players make leather armor? What about assembling wooden tools like the hand saw? We weren’t sure if they were going to make it out of their inventory, or if we were going to need a station for it. After looking at all sides of it, we decided an easy-to-build station would function as a catch-all for the orphaned recipes. Enter the workbench. Made out of wood and requiring only a hammer to make, it fills the niche nicely.

Torches have made their triumphant return back into the game. We had a basic placeholder back when we first started development, but we didn’t care for how it looked or how it functioned as a source of light (IOW it sucked). So we did without for a year or so. Now the torch is back and better than ever. It still requires some adjustment, but it gets the job done and looks good while doing it.

While a lot of energy was put into preparing for our first test with outside help, we continued to do our internal testing whenever possible and fixed many more bugs in the process. With the additional help of our testers, we have even more bugs identified and we will continue to work diligently to correct them.

As always, thank you for following our progress! We greatly appreciate your interest and support. Please share your thoughts with us in our forums at