Dev Blog #73

Dev Blog #73

Welcome to another busy sprint at Forged Chaos! This past week we brought our Discord channel online so that we could use it to communicate during future tests and to encourage more dialog between the team and our community. I am hoping that we will be able to use it for a few Q & A events as well, so that fans get a chance to ask their most burning questions! Feel free to drop in and say “hello”, but do remember that our forum rules extend to our Discord, and violating them can get you banned from both venues. If you haven’t tried Discord before, this link will get you to our server and prompt you to set up an account:

Can you find the tormilin?
(Can you find the tormilin?)

I strongly suspect that our impending alpha testing is at the front of everyone’s thoughts. Invitation emails have been sent out to the first wave of testers. Though we have switched designs from an MMO to a sandbox fantasy survival game, we wanted to honor the past support of our fans throughout the many years of dreams and development. To that end, invitations to the alpha testing will go first to those who have made a donation to us during our website fundraising drives in 2015. Invitations will go out in order of tiers, and we hope to give all our past supporters a chance to help us test and improve our game. As we get further along in the alpha testing phase we hope to be able to include current members of the community who may not have had the means or opportunity to donate in the testing process. We appreciate all of our fans and we want to be able to share this with you all if feasible.

To that end, the team has ramped up our testing efforts. This sprint we spent many hours testing for bugs, fixing the bugs we found, then testing again to see if the fix worked. This may seem counterproductive since we want to bring in outside testers soon, but the testing we need done before that will ensure that we have a stable build where there is a good chance the game will function as intended. No sense in bringing in a group of people just to have someone come across an un-fixed game-breaker and the whole thing comes crashing down. Besides, we want the testers to find bugs that we could not find ourselves.

Outside of inhouse testing and bug squashing, a few new additions were made to the game. The first is the animated effect for the dragon molting process. The effect starts out subtle but right before the molting is complete it cloaks the dragon in a fog of smoke and cinder and the dragon emerges with its new model. It had us all excitedly discussing what would happen if it caused the dragon to set fire to the terrain near it. Of course we can’t do anything like that without carefully considering the ramifications. Also we are trying very hard to avoid any feature creep as we go into alpha testing.

New spawn locations have been set up around the island now that the new terrain is in the game. The spawn points are where new characters log in and where players will respawn if they haven’t set up a personal spawn point of their own, such as a nest or bedroll. New additions to the character customization window are coming down the pipeline for facial hair, hair styles, and beastal body colors.

Thank you for following our progress. Please share your thoughts on our development over at