Dev Blog #72

Dev Blog #72

The excitement is palpable here on the Forged Chaos team. Preparations for our first public test have started, though we are still several weeks away from it. We are making lists of testing points, ensuring that the required items are fully implemented in the game, finalizing procedures for documentation, bug reporting, and feedback, and anything else we can think of preparing for the big day.

Even with all the excitement for testing, we’re continuing to add more to the game. More item models have been created and added to the game. These include the food models in the picture above; Don’t they look tasty? Starting from the upper left and going clockwise are: apple pie, stew, bread, and ruddyberry pie. The juvenile dragon’s skeleton was rigged in game for animation and more previously created animations were imported into the game.

Reworking of the character creation screen is nearly finished, with attribute selection in effect and eye color now an option when creating a new character. A new font style has been implemented and a nice transition animation added when changing between races. We are not going to have the female human ready any time soon, so the gender selection button for humans has been disabled on the screen for the time being.

The new terrain has been imported and is functioning in the new build. We’re still waiting on a few plugins to update so that we can remake the cave entrances and make adjustments to the water and other terrain features. But other than that, the terrain is set and good to go.

More attention has been focused on testing features and squashing bugs in preparation for the upcoming testing. Some bugs have been annoying, like the ones involving shaders, while others are harmless and a bit hilarious. The team works hard to discover, document and correct them as efficiently as possible, but sometimes they just catch us by surprise. For example, the screenshot below shows a bug with the leather helmet while in first person view.

Thank you for keeping up with our progress, and we will keep you posted on testing as we get closer to the date. Share your thoughts with us over at

PS: The new terrain is not in the bottom screenshot.