Dev Blog #71

Dev Blog #71

The team took an extra week this sprint to re-evaluate the quickly-shortening list of task-cards. We’ve decided to take a different approach to our work to focus on the final leg of our journey through game development.

Our art team really killed it this sprint and turned in several cards for animations. Several sets of human crafting animations were completed. These animations are really interesting, since they are for special actions like carrying logs or stone blocks. If you think this means something significant, it does! Logs and stones are too big to fit into a human’s inventory, even in a really big backpack. This requires them to be carried by the player in their hands. Logs are carried over-the-shoulder, while the stone blocks are carried in the arms. Imagine the implications on combat, gathering, and crafting for human players; gatherers will need other players to help carry material from where it is harvested to where it is neede for construction, as well as protection from threats.

More animations were completed for the Young Fire Dragon model. This includes eating, drinking, sitting, laying, sleeping and so on. A third of the item icons are completed and will be imported into the game soon.

The engineering team also did their part with a station placement rewrite, reworking the character creation screen, and imported several new assets into Unity. However we only have two programmers, so their progress is at a different pace. We’re hoping to add to their number in the near future and are interviewing several candidates this week. We will let you know when we find a good fit. If you think that you, or someone you know, could be the next member of team Forged Chaos then check out our “Help Wanted” page for more information.

Thank you for following our progress as we continue to move forward. Share your thoughts on our progress over at