Dev Blog #70

Dev Blog #70

You all will have to forgive us for the long delay since our last update. The team took a much deserved break for the Holidays so that we could spend time with our family. Our first sprint of the year was a hectic one, but we accomplished much in the ways of planning and preparation for the year. As the saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Allow me to get you all caught up to where we are at as of our latest sprint, #70.

Brax went over his goals for us at our first team meeting of the year, and his words had us all excited. Testing with additional people is literally right around the corner, and I’ll have more to share with you all on that in the coming weeks. Both Loestri and I will be working together to plan out testing times and to coordinate with the testers. We have upped our own internal testing to three times a week to try to identify and fix as many existing bugs as we can before we allow anyone else to join us.

We’ve brought on another animator to the Forged Chaos team, Shawn “SaberTactic“ Burdon. Shawn has shown impressive work to date and his introduction to you all is actually a bit overdue. I look forward to showing off his work to you all in the future. With his help we are now able to clear out the animation and model bottleneck we have been facing.

The art team brought their “A” game to the table this sprint. Models for various liquid beverages were created for use in game and new models for weapons were put together. Work on the human male clothing and rawhide armor was completed. Animations for the Evisceraptor are starting to take shape and they look mighty impressive. Watching the animations for all of the creatures and characters evolve based on feedback has really been a highlight of the meetings. Animations for the Young dragon are nearly finished as well.

Weights have been painted on the Juvenile Dragon, and it has been skinned as well. With juvenile being the third growth stage for the dragon, it gave the art the team opportunity to really highlight the growing power of the dragon. Adult features that show so prominently on the older beasts are cleverly suggested on this model, only hinting at what will be as it ages.

The terrain is the closest it has ever been to completion, and new features to our plugins promise to help us make it even more amazing. We’ve also found a better way to handle the grass, which reduces the resource load of the terrain. This has double the impact, as we can improve game performance and increase the quality of the terrain.

Our engineers continue to use the majority of their time to tackle the bug fixes. When they aren’t busy with that, they have been progressing with AI for the mobs and fine-tuning structures and stations. Interior doors are now in structures, and all doors and windows have been made interactive. This will allow them to be opened or closed based on their locked state. Different door and window styles are in, and can be selected from the drafting screen while the blueprint is created.

I’m keeping this blog short, but I’ll have much more to share with you all next sprint. There are still a few features left in the pipeline for us to tackle as we get closer to our goal of early access. As always, thanks for following us and we are glad to have you with us for a brand new year! Share your thoughts with us over at