Dev Blog #67

Dev Blog #67

This sprint was heavy on the progress for the Sabretusk. It’s models and animations have all been brought into unity and programming the AI for it will begin soon. New animations were also made for it, including eating, stunned, going to sleep, sleeping, and waking. In addition to that, combat animations are in the works with some of them completed and others in progress.

The young dragon’s nest model is finished and ready to be brought into Unity. Each dragon age has its own nest model and dragons cannot use old nests as resurrection points once they outgrow them. The materials required to build a nest scale up with the size of the dragon. For example, hatchling nests require sticks and leaves, while ancient dragons might require entire trees. In addition to acting as respawn points for the dragon, nests also provide a place for them to store nuggets and other valuables.

Animations were added for item swapping for humans. When a human moves a weapon from an equipment slot to their hand, the animation shows them reaching for the weapon and pulling it out. This is a huge improvement over what we had before, which is no animation at all. Small details like this add to the sense of immersion we are wanting our players to feel.

Fat and Tendons courtesy of the Sabretusk
(Fat and Tendons courtesy of the Sabretusk)

Speaking of immersion, we have started making a few adjustments to the crafting mechanics. These changes are meant to make things more organic and intuitive, as well as maybe even making things easier for the programing team. The first of these is keeping everything in the crafting window and not loading the inventory screen beside it. Possible fuel sources available in the player’s inventory will show in the fuel section. Required materials for a crafting recipe will also show in the crafting screen itself. In addition we are adding a 3D model of the item to be crafted so that players can preview the item before making it.

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