Dev Blog #66

Dev Blog #66

Between holiday shopping, family commitments, and long road trips to visit distant friends and relatives, the team at Forged Chaos continues to make strides in our development!

Our art team has a new member we are ready to announce to you all! His name is Charlie “Serafin” Serafini and he is an animator. He has been working hard on the young dragon’s movement animations since he joined the team and he has produced some very impressive results! He has created animations for the walking, idling, turning, and running cycles. We should have them loaded into unity soon so we can bring the young dragon to life.

Animations have also been created for the Sabretusk! The sabretusk is a large wild boar with massive tusks and a wooly coat covering its body. They are a source of fiber for crafting and food for all three races. Their size and aggressiveness make them a challenge for humans, mid-sized dragons, and fresh raknar. Smaller dragons should avoid them at all costs.

The animations for walking, running and goring are finished, and the idle, eating, sleeping, and so on are in the works. Though we don’t have the animations in unity yet, it is exciting to know that soon we’ll have our third unique fauna wandering around the lost isle.

Going back to dragons, The breath weapon for the Juvenile dragon is finished and being applied to the model. The juvenile stage is the third growth stage and the first where that dragons can use their breath weapon, so the flame is scaled to match. It is their first and only ranged attack and will become more powerful and with greater reach as the dragon progresses through future moltings.

Speaking of molting, dragon molting received a revisit from the design side. We’ve known that we wanted dragons to start out the weakest race and grow to become the most powerful since the team first laid out the design for ToA: Exile. Molting made perfect sense as a transition between growth stages, but how exactly the molting would work and what would trigger it has gone through many revisions along our development. Our final design requires the dragon to survive for a set amount of time before they can begin molting. This time is based on how well they manage their health, hunger and thirst. Once molting begins, they must survive until the process is finished. If they should die during molting, they lose their progress and will have to begin again after they respawn. As the molting occurs, the dragon sheds its scales and this causes a loss in armor for the dragon. The dragon is at its most vulnerable right at the end of the molting where it must seek out its nest to recover and grow its new body.

a visual of a portion of the items in the game
(a portion of the items in the game)

The crafting result icons for the humans crafting screens have been wrapped up. These icons visually represent the stats that can be influenced by the player when crafting. Crafting is getting a lot of design attention right now amongst the team. I’ll have something to report to you all in the near future.

Our programmers have many tasks in progress at the moment, but one they did complete was the harvesting of resources from mob corpses. This means that when we kill one of the fauna on the island, we can harvest resources from them. Skins, meat, horns, hooves, or anything else we can imagine to give the mobs can be harvested for use in crafting or feeding your character.

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