Dev Blog #65

Dev Blog #65

Last blog I spent a lot of time talking about the tormilin making it into the game. This time around I will share with you everything else we’ve completed over the last two sprints.

The art team has completed many new cards. 3d models have been created for more items, including additional flora and food items. Weights have been painted onto the young dragon and skinning was completed. Also the human swimming animation pack was wrapped up and ready to be imported into Unity. A few minor tweaks were made to the human model to fix a few odd movements we discovered while testing.

I can’t remember if I have told you about the second structure style, the Rustic style, so I will tell you about it now. The Norhaven style is in the game and fully implemented, however it requires a large amount of stone to construct, which will be difficult to acquire in bulk early in a game. To fill the void between a lean-to and a Norhaven structure, the Rustic style was designed. This style relies heavily on wood, and the style falls somewhere between a wooden shack and a log cabin. Rustic buildings will be limited to smaller sizes compared to the Norhaven, but the style is less demanding of a character’s skill. The Rustic style is nearly completed, and implementation into the game has already begun.

Our crafting system is going through some serious scrutiny lately. On one hand we are trying to avoid a system that is monotonous and annoying, while on the other hand we want to avoid committing an unreasonable amount of our work load, both present and future, to a single aspect of human play when we have two other races that need our love. Since talk is cheap, we are looking into just about everything that could improve the balance we are looking for with our crafting.

So we have found the perfect solution for our cave systems that is going to let us make our ideal caves without the tiling seams we were seeing before. We did end up taking a step back to the default unity terrain system and going with the holes cut into it. Brax did his research and showed it to us at a recent meeting, and it looks very natural.

Many new things are underway this sprint and the near future. More human animations are in the works, along with more item models, dragon animations, and sabretusk animations. Interacting with palisade wall gates are in and adding interactive windows for structures is in the queue as well. We’re even reviewing the character controller to ensure smoother movements. Many bugs have also been fixed, while a few more have popped up and will require attention.

Thank you again for following our progress as we continue development of ToA: Exile. Please share your thoughts with us in our forums at