Dev Blog #62

Dev Blog #62

September 20th was the last day of the summer season and marked the end of our Sprint #62. We accomplished copious amounts of work and I will do my best to cover it all with you.

More time was spent on the palisade walls. Since walls are in sections and are not owned by an individual, we have added timers to walls that require them to be built. If they are left in their “ghost” form for too long, the ghost will go away and require replacement. We have also added angle limitations for snap-to functionality. At this time it can be toggled on and off to allow for free-form building, or to help the players build evenly spaced walls. Placement restrictions for wall sections are in place as well to prevent walls from being placed to go through structures, stations, and landscape obstacles. Likewise, it prevents other stations, walls, or structures from being built on the wall section. Walls also received randomization for the log placement and can be damaged. Right now melee damage is effective against palisade walls, but stone walls will only be damaged by siege-type damagein the future it will be limited to siege damage.

Like dragons last sprint, Raknar received new customization options for their colors. Raknar now can choose a primary and secondary color for their carapace. Choosing a primary color for the raknar is the same as choosing a base color. Selecting the secondary color really brings a punch of color to the extremities and joints, creating interesting blendings in the overlapping sections. Eye color can be adjusted as well. We haven’t locked any specific colors down yet, and would love to hear from you all what colors you would want your raknar to be in ToA: Exile.

Humans naturally require a greater variety of animations compared to their beastal counterparts. All the races, and our mobs too while we are at it, require movement animations for walking, running, swimming, and so on. The bulk of the human-only ones can be squarely attributed to tools and weapons. How a sword is held in the hand and swung is different than a dagger, or a shield, a two-handed weapon and so on. The bow animations were the focus this week and thanks to our animator’s hard work, we have a very nice draw animation, fire animation, and related movement animations.

The research continues on solutions for the gap in our terrain tiles. We need something that is easy to implement, with low resource requirements, looks good, and is kept updated with new versions of Unity. So far we haven’t found that. In the meantime we are looking backwards to move forward by exploring how holes can be cut into the default unity terrain to allow for caves. It requires a great deal of work and finagling, but we don’t want to rule out the possibility just yet, even as just a temporary measure until we can find a way to fix the tile gaps.

In addition to our adventures with the terrain base itself, more cliff features and rocky points of interest were added for players to discover and explore. Adjustments were made to the lighting aspects of the world, which can be best appreciated with the movement of the sun and moon over the sky and the light they cast down.

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