Dev Blog #58

Dev Blog #58

Structures received more attention, with limiters placed on how many pieces can be built simultaneously, thus limiting the number of players who can build on it at a time. The overall size of the structure determines this, with the smallest only allowing two pieces and the larger ones much more. Limits were also placed on the number of items that can be placed inside of a house based on the size, this is to prevent item-loving packrats from bogging down performance with their collections. Items within a storage container do not count toward this limit, though the actual storage container does. More bugs related to structures were squashed as well.

Artificial intelligence received a nice boost with the “fleeing” behavior implemented. This mostly applies to tormilin, since they run away from just about anything besides other tormilin, but it also can be utilized by other creatures who we want to have the ability to escape in situations where they are facing an overwhelming threat.

After a great deal of discussion and design, we’ve introduced a weapon swapping feature for humans. This feature allows them to draw a weapon from one of their three weapon slots; right hip, left hip, and back. An animation plays during the swap and another swap cannot occur until after the animation finishes, so swapping weapons while in combat should be done with some forethought. Dragons and raknar both have a variety of natural weapons and do not use crafted ones, so they will not be affected by this design.

Since we have moved away from a grid inventory system and gone with a visual backpack inventory, we’ve had to come up with a means of limiting the amount a player can carry within a container and avoid everyone crafting a “Bag of Holding” with just a few basic items. We’ve decided to go with “volume”, with small bags having very little volume and stationary containers like chests and boxes having a very large amount.

While we were working on that, we’ve went ahead and redesigned the character screen as well. Brax realized that we were always bombarding the player with their attribute numbers every time they opened their character window, when in fact these numbers don’t ever change. There is no way for players to raise or lower them after character creation, and any time they are affected by the environment from hunger, thirst, temperature, and so on, the player is told in the HUD. Without that info cluttering up the window, it is now a less noisy screen that feels much more comfortable to use.

Animations continue to receive love from our animators. They are currently “in-progress” for several packs and I will be happy to report more details to you when they are finished. The art team also completed several more 3D and 2D items, including a few for jewelry.

Thank you, as always, for following our progress. Please share your thoughts with us over at