Dev Blog #56

Dev Blog #56

As we’re coming up on Independence Day here in the US, the team is working furiously to reach our goals while juggling family and social commitments. Holidays are always a rough time for indie studios like us, an increased demand on our free time for family events, social obligations, and even much needed vacation time can interfere with our progress as a team. What is normally a very careful balancing act becomes much more challenging during these times. But when you are as committed to something as we are, you find ways to make the time.

Our art team has checked off many of their “in progress” tasks this past sprint, including the rawhide armor. This armor is the easiest of the armors to craft, requiring only that the animal skins are stretched on the rack, rather than submitted to the tanning process. Though faster and easier to make, this armor does not afford the same benefits as the longer-lasting and more flexible leather armor.

Palisade walls are shaping up with the art team. These walls will keep roaming creatures away from villages and provide a small amount of defense from siege engines in the future. They are also working on a gate to go with the walls, so that players can control when others can freely enter or leave the protection of the palisade. The engineering team has begun bringing these walls into the game and soon we will be able to start building them during testing just as we do any other structure.

Cloquirk just wrapped up an impressive library of unarmed combat animations for the human male. This includes animations for attacking in four different directions, idling unarmed while in combat, moving while unarmed in combat, blocking attacks unarmed, and receiving damage while unarmed. I am sure that when you all get to see it in testing, you will appreciate all of his hard work.

Work continues on the Juvenile dragon model. With a larger model comes an increased need for focus and attention to detail. Details that might go unnoticed on a smaller model simply cannot be ignored when they appear on a significantly larger model. Our modelers are working to address an issue we’re encountering with the joining of the wings with the body and forearms of the model. Several different approaches have been tried, but none so far have looked “correct”. We aren’t going to settle, however, so they will continue to try different styles until they achieve the look we are going for on the juvenile.

A great deal of background work was completed on the structure coding to fix a few bugs that we have encountered during testing. We test weekly to try to uncover bugs in the work of the team, but we tend to focus on particulars to ensure that features are working as intended. Undoubtedly there are bugs that we miss that will only be uncovered when we bring in our alpha testers.

Though it has been just about a year now since we asked our past backers to complete a testing survey for us, we are closing in on the point where we will be ready to accept their help with testing. We do not yet have a firm date; what we do have is a list of features that we want in place before we begin. A list which is growing smaller and smaller with each passing sprint. Stick with us a while longer, and your patience will be rewarded!

Thanks again for reading! As always, you can share your thoughts with us over at Happy Fourth of July to you all!