Dev Blog #53

Dev Blog #53

We’ve talked before about how our super progressive sprints that have many tasks completed are balanced out by others where work is underway, but nothing gets checked off the list. This past sprint was one of the later kind. That is not to say we didn’t get stuff done, only that much is still “in progress”.

Unarmed combat for humans was started, and we had the opportunity to test its beginnings during our weekly testing. While it is very rewarding to pummel your opponent into unconsciousness and then death with your bare hands, it is still in the early stages and more will be added as we continue development. Fine tuning continues on structures this sprint. Talonthorn wasn’t happy with the flow of the construction for structures, so he has been revisiting some aspects of it while also addressing a few bugs we encountered while test building. Design for structure pieces for a second style of building has begun. This style is a wood based style, which we are calling “Rustic”.

The art team made strides with their own work as well. The leather armor models were skinned and colored, but they still need to be wrapped up. Several animations for the tormilin have been completed, including different biting attacks, sleeping, eating, and observing its surroundings. The last one is important, since a tormilin’s primary option for defense is to flee if they notice a threat. Something that precious and fluffy just isn’t capable of much damage, unless you are a hatchling of course.

Also underway is the ability to choose a primary and secondary color for the dragons. This is our first big step toward character customization for our dragons. We are really excited to see it, but it isn’t quite where we want it yet. Future colors will be limited to things within a “fire” color palette, so yellows, reds, oranges, and maybe something darker, though it is still up in their air. A hair style for the human male was completed, with more to be expected in the future.

Our first attempt at switching from Unity’s terrain system to our own meshes resulted in a lot of jagged edges on the terrain. So much so that we are slicing the island into smaller pieces and giving each piece a denser vertices count, but also creating multiple LODs of each piece to save GPU stress on distant views. So far things look very promising in that we are getting better looking results than Unity terrain and an increase in performance. We are also beginning to add tessellation to the terrain as well as play with some flow mapping to create small streams and the like. We’re not sure if either will make it into release and if so in what capacity, but we see enough benefit in graphic fidelity to justify the research.

Icons have made progress, though there are still over 100 items that need their icons. Speaking of times, hours upon hours of data entry await the team as well, with crafting recipes, resource modifiers, and tools all needing blank fields filled. A great deal of behind-the-scenes work is underway.

I want to take a moment to thank our followers to keeping up on our progress and taking an interest in our development. We work hard to create a game that we will be proud to present to the gaming community in the future, and we look forward to sharing it with you all when the time comes. Please keep checking in on us and feel free to post in our forums about anything related to our design or development. Our team DOES read the forum posts!

If you have any thoughts on our progress this week, please share it with us over at