Dev Blog #50

April 9th, 2017

Dev Blog #50

The whole team did a great job this last sprint!

The art team was in top form, with a plethora of models and animations both done and in progress. The animations for the combat movements for the humans are mostly complete. The sabertusk model is now skinned and looking very much alive for a 3D model. I am impressed with how realistic it turned out; to me it looks like something that could possibly have existed at some time on earth. The model for the human female is also coming along, though the work isn’t finished with her yet. She is being carefully sculpted to have healthy and attractive proportions without appearing as if she stepped out of something rated XXX.


Rugnar finished a near-record number of models this sprint, having wrapped up the tailoring pack that includes some of the tools and items associated with creating cloth and cloth items. This includes the spinning wheel’s drive wheel, a cloth pouch, a cloth sack, rope, a handloom, and dye. He also created six different hard containers for humans to store their stuff in. Each container has a different amount it can hold and, of course, a different visual appearance such as a barrel, wooden crates, and metal chests.

New art was created for the secret feature, of which Emrys90 spent the first half of the sprint wrapping up. It isn’t completely fleshed out, but all the mechanics are there now and we can continue to expand on it as time allows for in the future. His focus is now shifted to adding additional small features to our beastial races, of which I am also not allowed to reveal yet! Sorry guys! Take heart in knowing that our programmers are at the point that one of them can spend time working on special features that we are saving to reveal at our Steam Early Access Debut!

Doors and windows have been added to the construction phases. As the human characters build up the walls of their houses, they leave holes where the windows and doors will be framed and built. Once all other steps are completed, these window and door pieces can be built. The order in which buildings are constructed goes like this: Foundation and doorway stairs, 1st floor exterior walls, ground floor stairs, 2nd floor floors, 2nd floor exterior walls, 2nd floor stairs, 3rd floor floors, 3rd floor exterior walls, roof, interior walls from 1st floor to 3rd, and lastly windows and doors from 1st floor to 3rd. The nice thing about the doors is that they are already networked in so that when one player opens a door, everyone else can see it open and enter through it.

Edit: I just found out that a first iteration of a door locking system has been pushed to the development build!

We upgraded Unity to 5.5.3, and all the goodness that comes with that. Unity just released 5.6 but we’ve decided to hold back and let others find all the beta bugs before upgrading.

Physics has been applied to items when dropped in the world along with buoyancy so you can expect to see floating debris in the ocean and other bodies of water. Hmm, should we make dead characters float or sink now? smile

Other small features that have been added this sprint include balance impacts swimming characters and not-so-small tweaks to the interaction menu. Evading by dodging to the side has been removed for the time being as we have designed and are developing a more advanced combat system.

Thank you for following our development! As always, you can share your thoughts on our progress over at