Dev Blog #49

March 28th, 2017

Dev Blog #49

The art team was very busy this week, and with the new team member they were more productive than ever. The last of the skill and discipline icons were finished and are waiting to be implemented in the game. Blitz55 has been charged with the task of learning Megasplat and has begun painting the terrain on our new sculpted island.

If you don’t remember from the previous blog, we moved away from the default unity terrain and have sculpted our own mesh terrain for the game. This allows us to add caves, land bridges, and cliff-overhangs seamlessly to our terrain, which we could not do with the default. Because of this new flexibility, we are able to make realistic landscapes that will show off both the raknar’s unique ability to climb nearly any surface, and emphasis the utility of dragon flight.

Our new male human model is finished, and it is leagues beyond the old one, not to mention it is 100% symmetrical! Symmetry is vital to properly animating a model, and our previous model was very difficult to work with since it was decidedly asymmetrical. Not only that, but the build and proportions of the new model are more heroic and pleasing to the eye.

The sculpting of the sabretusk model is also complete, with it’s wiry hair added in as well. I love how Dyer3d brought together all of the design points for the beast without making it overly resemble any earthly hog variety. The sabretusks are formidable creatures, but anyone who is able to slay one will be rewarded with an abundance of meat to consume. Not to mention humans can harvest many valuable resources such as the impressive tusks, the durable wool for spinning, and hooves for glue making.

Speaking of flora, the final touches to our tormilin have been added and the little fluff ball will be headed to Cloquirk’s animation queue. He has just finished optimizing the animations for the needlefang this sprint and will begin working on the human combat animations for the new model.

The programmers are doing their share as well. Emrys90 added two new facets to our mystery feature. He’s working diligently on it and amazing the rest of the team with his progress each week.

Meanwhile Talonthorn has started to add the construction requirements to structure building. Up until now in testing, we have been able to simply “craft” the structure through its stages without materials. His work now means we’ll need to start gathering materials and using tools to advance through the construction stages. It does mean that testing can take longer, but it makes things much more interesting.

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