Dev Blog #48

March 13th, 2017

Dev Blog #48

I’ll start off this Dev Blog by announcing our newest team member, Dryer3d! He joined our team as a 3D modeller, increasing our art team to five and our total headcount to 13. His contributions so far to the team have been on the tormilin, which you all saw in the last blog. He will be working closely with the other members of the art team to create models for our native wild-life.

Speaking of the art team, they made a good showing of themselves this week. The remaining icons for the human skills and disciplines were finished, background images for containers were completed, and progress was made on the new human model. The first ten animations for the needlefang were finished as well, thanks to the hard work of our animator. The tormilin model has been skinned and is looking very fuzzy and something between sinister and cuddly.

Talonthorn went back through the construction pieces so that when a structure is being built, the ones on the corners would correctly fill in the brick design when both sides were finished. He did this for both the outside and inside corners. Finally, he added the ability to claim an abandoned structure and for abandoned structures to decay away if left for too long.

Progress continues on our mystery feature. Several interesting layers were added to it. I really can’t wait to reveal it all to you; I am certain many of you are going to love it.

I’ve had the pleasure of entering various data into unity for some of our engineers; this is the reason I haven’t had the time to write design discussions between Dev Blogs for you all. Just this last sprint I spent nearly ten hours entering coordinates and facing directions for the roof segments for structure shapes. I am also working with Brax on a finalized item list, entering the items that will be needed for the crafting recipes along with their recipes and other data. Rugnar has been working his way through his model lists to create models for the items, which I assign to the items in the as they are made.

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