Dev Blog #47

February 27th, 2017

Dev Blog #47

This last sprint was an exceptionally busy sprint, with a large chunk of our work going to clearing out the backlog of bugs, building up the construction process, and working on a new feature that we will reveal for early access.

As most of you probably have figured out from these dev blogs, the team tests formally every Saturday and informally after our weekly meetings. When we encounter bugs or have suggestions for how to have things work “better”, we create cards for them that we backlog in Trello. Some bugs are easily fixed and the team does so right away, while others are tied to plugins we use for Unity and are much trickier to fix. Sometimes our only answer is to wait for the plugin to update with a patch. This means that sometimes bugs can sit around for a while. During our last two formal testings, we went back over those old bugs to determine which ones had been fixed with recent updates or still needed to be resolved. This process took several hours, but it did eliminate over half the bug cards in the backlog.

Emrys90 has been assigned to a new feature that Brax has squeezed into our timeline. We think this new feature is going to help us stand out from other survival games and will be an important part for our Green Lighting push. He’s worked hard on the feature and has fleshed it out in record time, but there is still much to add to it. I wish I could share more you with on this, as it is really exciting. Unfortunately you all will have to wait for a while longer.

The team is still tying up the loose ends on the drafting and construction features. We’ve added roofs to the structures now, and have tweaked many things with the construction phase to make building feel more intuitive. During testing we get together and build structures, just for the hell of it. We haven’t yet implemented material requirements for construction, so building goes much faster than it will at launch.

The art team revisited our station models and created new models for the build stages. A model was also made for the Tormilin, while animations were started for the Needlefang. After so long with just the player models, it is really exciting to see the fauna of the Lost Isles coming to life! Our human male model was also revisited and is nearly finished in his remaking. I have to say, he looks 150% better than the old one. I hope to be able to show our new models off to you all in the coming weeks.

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